September 18, 2019
Eye-catching blue bottle lamps

Blue Bottle Lamp

Your handmade bottle lamps in blue will shed a lovely and unique light. Blue bottles used to be pretty hard to find, especially if you’re looking for vintage shaped glass bottles. Nowadays you can find large cobalt blue bottles in your grocery store’s wine section (see picture below) and beautiful ocean blue glass bottles with […]

Perfectly cut Arrogant Bastard beer bottle

Beer Bottle Cutting 101

Turn your favorite beer bottle into a drinking glass or flower vase. With all the craft beer companies popping up all over the country, bottle designs have become pretty darn cool. I’m sure you have at least one favorite brew that you found simply because the label caught your eye or the name of the […]

Picture Vase Bottle Lamp

Every time we receive pictures from one of our readers we are amazed! Every one of you has been able to create your own style and decorating ideas. Take a look at Jackie’s new picture vase, she says “here is a vase I made for my daughter n law for her birthday, it has pictures […]

Aladdin Bottle Lamp by Jessie

We are so excited for Jessie, she sold her first lighted bottle on Etsy. Way to go Jessie! Jessie sent us an email with a picture of this beautiful Aladdin themed bottle. Here is what she said: “I was thrilled with my first sale. It was sold Friday night, had it shipped out Sat morning, […]

Chile Pepper Bottle Light

Did you know that you can show off your finished bottle projects on our Bottle Crafts DIY Facebook page as well? Jessie did that the other day and here is what she said “I just finished a chile pepper bottle light. I left the label on as it had chiles and it still lets through […]

Bottle Lamp Q & A

We are delighted to receive emails from our Bottle Lamp website visitors, Youtube channel viewers and Facebook readers at a regular basis and enjoy answering your questions. But, after receiving the same questions several times now, we decided to publish our answers to make it a little easier for you and us as well. Q:¬†Does […]

Lighted Bottles by Jessie

These themed bottles with lights by Jessie are wonderfully unique! We have been crazily busy this last week and overlooked this email sent in by Jessie. Hi Nick, Thanks for the great youtube video on drilling the wine bottles. I started a couple months ago making some lights and my sweet husband was drilling the […]

Awesome Display Shelf Designs

Nick and I are both avid readers and would love to have a room in our house dedicated to our growing collection of hard cover books. Since that is not going to happen in the near future, or ever, we love to find unique shelves to display our books. Even if you don’t read books, […]

Liquor Bottle Lamps by Chuck

Last night we received several different emails from Chuck in Sloan, Iowa, with pictures of a total of seven different Bottle Lamps. He used a Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey bottle, a Rumple Minze bottle with filler, a Crown Royal, two different Jack Daniel’s bottles, a Patron Tequila bottle and a Mason Jar filled with Potpourri. Chuck […]

Christmas Light Video

Christmas Light Video

In this short how-to video, it comes in at just under four minutes, Nick demonstrates how to remove the end plug from a string of regular Christmas lights. We received an email from Joe the other day asking us if there is a way to remove the female end from a string of lights and […]