February 22, 2020

Awesome Display Shelf Designs

Nick and I are both avid readers and would love to have a room in our house dedicated to our growing collection of hard cover books. Since that is not going to happen in the near future, or ever, we love to find unique shelves to display our books. Even if you don’t read books, […]

Liquor Bottle Lamps by Chuck

Last night we received several different emails from Chuck in Sloan, Iowa, with pictures of a total of seven different Bottle Lamps. He used a Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey bottle, a Rumple Minze bottle with filler, a Crown Royal, two different Jack Daniel’s bottles, a Patron Tequila bottle and a Mason Jar filled with Potpourri. Chuck […]

Christmas Light Video

Christmas Light Video

In this short how-to video, it comes in at just under four minutes, Nick demonstrates how to remove the end plug from a string of regular Christmas lights. We received an email from Joe the other day asking us if there is a way to remove the female end from a string of lights and […]

DIY Projects for Wood Working Fans

As you probably know by now, Nick loves to fill his free time with various projects. He has been making Bottle Lamps for several years and from time to time he has to find a new project besides glass drilling to keep him occupied and entertained. Of course I love it as well, as it […]

Coffee Pot Lamp by Romeo

A brand new, amazing and truly inspiring table lamp! Romeo sent us this picture of his Coffee Pot Lamp, or is it a Tea Pot? Nick asked him if he drilled a hole in it. Romeo replied a little while later that yes, he did and it took him a wee bit. He also said […]

Blue Wine Bottle Lamp by Steve

We love receiving emails from our readers! Especially when the email includes a picture of a finished bottle project. :) Steve used a recycled Peter Mertes wine bottle for his DIY project. It’s a lovely blue bottle and happens to be one of our favorite German wines. Here is what Steve told us in his […]

Wine Bottle Lamp by Don

Don sent us an email with a picture of his Wine Bottle Lamp. He went a step further and made a fantastic looking base for the wine bottle to stand in. In his email Don says: “Here is the latest project. Built with recycled parts. Total cost of the project was probably about $15. Cheers, […]

Lighted Sky Vodka Bottle and Captain Morgan Desk Lamp

Al sent in this picture of a lighted Sky Vodka Bottle and a very cool Captain Morgan Desk Lamp. He says the mechanics for the reading lamp came from Home Depot and asked: “Why not use broken glass instead of the store bought stuff for filler?”. We thought that would work just as well and […]

Bottle Lamps by Marsha

Marsha sent us these pictures of her finished bottle projects. She used different wine and liquor bottles to make these lamps. We think they turned out very nice. Here is what Marsha said in her email: “Lamps I’ve made with and without shades. Bottles without shades have corks.” Marsha With or without a lamp shade […]

Woodford Reserve lighted bottle by Andrew

Andrew sent in this picture of his finished bottle project to be displayed on the DIY Show Off page. Woodford Reserve is a Kentucky Straight Boubon Whiskey that comes in a distinct and I think, very masculine, looking bottle. Andrew really enhanced the look of the bottle by adding amber colored glass marbles and white […]