January 25, 2020

Applebee’s gift card giveaway by Bottle-Lamp.com

Well, it’s November already and it’s been a busy ten month run for us here at Bottle-Lamp.com.

With Thanksgiving approaching we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers. The site just wouldn’t be the same without your support. Through comments, questions and photo submissions we have met many people who also share our enthusiasm for Bottle Lamp Crafts.

Win a $25 Applebee's Gift CardTo celebrate we would like to give away a $25.00 Gift Card to Applebee’s.

Simply leave a comment on the bottom of this post and you’ll automatically be entered to win. The comment can be as simple as “I want Applebee’s” to “I Love Lamp”.

We’ll run the give away from November 2nd to the 9th and have it in the mail to the lucky recipient in time for Black Friday. Who doesn’t need a nice lunch break from hectic Holiday shopping?

The Applebee’s chain is a casual dining experience, with mainstream American dishes such as salads, shrimp, chicken, pasta, and “riblets” (which is considered Applebee’s signature dish). All Applebee’s restaurants feature a bar area and serve alcoholic beverages (except where prohibited by law).

Good Luck to you all and feel free to share this giveaway with your friends and family.



Thanks to everyone who help make this a really fantastic first year. We appreciate hearing from you and look forward to sharing more of your creations on our site.

Nick and Silke – The Bottle-Lamp.com team 

One random winner will be chosen on November 9th, 2012, using random.org. The lucky winner will be announced on this page, as well as on our Facebook page.

Applebee’s Gift Card Winner

Congratulations to Kerrie Mayans!

You are the winner of the $25 Applebee’s Gift Card.

Kerrie has been notified via email and on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone for participating and leaving great comment.

We have answered your questions in the comment section.

249 thoughts on “Applebee’s gift card giveaway by Bottle-Lamp.com

    1. The first one. I didn’t have the little ‘dimple’ in the glass, so the drill bit was sliding all over the bottle. I wasn’t sure about the amount of pressure and speed to use so once I actually got started I ended up breaking the bottle anyway. Practice makes perfect.

  1. I love the bottles that was given to us. Has special meaning for Bill & I.. Thanks. Also love going to Apple bee’s. Also has memories, with Bills~ Mom And Dad. We knew we would have ribs when we went to Fergus Falls. Was something to look forward to. Thanks…

  2. Love your sight and the interaction that I have had about my attempts at making lamps. I am sure they will only improve as I keep making them using your instructions. Thank you

  3. I’ve been saving a few special bottles and can’t wait to try making my own lamps. Thanks for sharing such great information.

  4. I am looking very forward to incorporating some of your ideas in my craft projects! Thanks for the great ideas and for offering me a chance to win a prize, too! : )

    1. Using regular Christmas lights does cause the bottles to heat up slightly. Nothing too serious though. If you want peace of mind then just go with the LED’s.

  5. I love trying to make things out of bottles (mostly wine bottles) and I also love Applebees. Glad I found your site!

  6. Not only do we get great tips on how to create really beautiful lamps, but we also get a chance to win some really neat stuff. Thanks again for all you do!@

  7. I Like Applebees. I am anxious to try to make a bottle lamp. i have watched the DIY videos and am getting ready within the next 2 weeks to try this out. Kepp you posted.

  8. Thanks so much for the chance… and even more so- for helping me make wonderful one of a kind gifts for everyone for the holidays this year!!!

  9. My boyfriend and I love Applebees but can never go so it would be nice to win this and be able to go out for once! Lack of money.. Thanks for the chance and have an awesome week :)

  10. Great blog…I’d love to win this since I haven’t been to Applebee’s in many years. My fiance has never been.

  11. Applebeas is Hubby and I’s favorite restaurant! As well thanks so much for the information on bottle lamp making. We have bottles of wine that are now empty that are associated with very special meanings. Now I have some really great ideas on what to do with them.

  12. I haven’t been to Applebee’s in years! Would love to go one day and having a gift card to boot would be awesome!

    lisando at hotmail.com

  13. I love Applebee’s and would like to win the gift card to take my boyfriend out on a date night. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Bottle-Lamp.com YOU ROCK !!!!

  15. I’m pregnant with our first child and I crave all sorts of foods….Applesbee has some items I crave such as fajitas!

  16. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The $25 Applebee’s Gift Card.
    I Haven’t Been To Applebee’s In Awhile And Winning This Card Would Give Me A Reason To Go.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!

  17. This Giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone for leaving us such great comments. Congratulations to Kerrie Mayans the lucky $25 Gift Card to Applebee’s winner.

  18. Thanks for the giveaway! I am excited to be the winner. I will have to take my daughter out for a special mommy daughter day!

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