February 23, 2020
Crafting Less Stree

Can Crafting Relieve Stress

Finding Zen may just be closer than you think.

The many benefits of living a stress free life include; a longer life span, a lower rate of depression, greater resistance to fighting off colds, and a lower risk of heart disease. It would make sense to try and eliminate stresses in your life but removing everything in your life is really not an option. What if we could find a way to get to our ‘happy spot’ and still find balance in our life?

If you have a hobby now or are thinking about starting one, here are some things to consider.

Claim your location. When you go to work you have a designated work area, when it’s time to eat you go to the cafeteria (O.k. those last two sentences rhymed and I’m having fun with this). My point is that you need to find a place that you can do your crafting. One thing that both Silke and I have discovered with our blogging is that having a designated area that we blog in was crucial to our success. When we had a room that was specifically used as an office, we were able to focus on our projects at hand without other distractions. Closing the door when we were finished was just as important. This might sound strange but if your hobby is laying around you really don’t get the satisfaction of actually working on it. Having my bottle crafting tools laying around was not only annoying but left little room for anything else. Going to your craft room can be your stress free haven and it also tells your brain your not going to think about bills and unsolved problems for awhile. Craft room = stress free zone.

Get your gear. Having the right equipment for your crafting hobby is beneficial to working in your stress free zone. I didn’t run out and purchase all of my bottle cutting tools and glass drill bits all at once. All of the things were acquired over time and I purchased them as they were needed. You don’t have to break the bank here thus creating another stress-or. By allowing my craft to develop over time it also allowed me to discover other things that my new hobby would be able to do. Drilling glass bottles evolved into cutting them as well. Bottle lamps were soon becoming pendant lights. No matter what you choose to do, you want to outfit yourself with the right tools.

Crafting Picture

Designated happy time. Creating a moment in your day to improve your quality of life shouldn’t be too complicated. Saying ‘I don’t have time’ should actually be changed to ‘I want to do this’. Having a hobby should be fun and not really a chore.

One of the things that amazes me are people that can consistently go the gym. This is a great stress reliever and what some might consider a  hobby but my motivation level is not really there to make this a daily occurrence Both Silke and I worked out a time to simply go for a walk. This was not a huge endeavor. When we were care-taking, the dog, Zach, was programmed to wait for us at this time to join in. The mere sight of us with our ‘walking shoes’ on and the leash in hand sent him into ecstasy.  Your hobby and your hobby time should evoke this same level of excitement.

Get creative. Throwing yourself into a creative activity is a great way to live stress free. What I mentioned earlier about my hobby developing over time was perpetuated by a constant need to create new things. Surrounding yourself with people and things that involve you more in your new outlet will make it even more rewarding.

No matter what your hobby is, you are helping yourself in more ways then you can imagine. If you don’t have that outlet in your life you may just be missing out on a rewarding experience that lets you find your inner tranquility.

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