January 18, 2020

Holiday Bottle Decor On Etsy

Are you looking for the right decorative items to help spread the cheer this holiday season?

Let Etsy help you find those unique one of a kind items that will set you apart from all the box stores. We have put together a few of our favorites for you right here. Scroll down to see all the lighted wine bottles we found for you. Bottle crafts make the perfect gift idea!

Merry Christmas Bottle With Lights

Merry Christmas Bottle With Lights courtesy of BERKSWINEDESIGN

Holiday Bottle Decor

Blue Snowflake Bottle With Lights courtesy of BottlesBeGlowing

Holiday Bottle Decor

Grinch Bottle With Lights courtesy of TheMuseCreations

Holiday Bottle Decor on Etsy

Let It Snow Bottle With Lights courtesy of WicksandWine

Holiday Bottle Decor on Etsy

We Believe Bottle With Lights courtesy of CountryCrafts14

Holiday Bottle Decor

Reindeer Bottle With Lights courtesy of CustomBottleDesign

These are just a few of the many bottle with lights that you will find on Etsy.

The thing to remember is that the people who have put together these pieces are making them with their own hands. The time and talent that they put into a crafted item is something that goes beyond anything that you can purchase from a factory.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think. Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Bottle Decor On Etsy

  1. I may be a little bias here but I’m really digging on the Grinch bottle. It was read to me as a kid and now I read it to my kids. Real nice!

  2. Tdog, I’m happy to hear that you take the time to read to your kids. Too many parents don’t do that anymore. You’re awesome!

    Karen, I totally agree.

    Thank you both for leaving us a comment. :)

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