January 25, 2020

How to Turn Your Garage into a DIY Haven

Imagine an enormous, uninterrupted workspace where you are free to saw, sand, paint and nail to your heart’s content without having to worry about making a mess or being in the way.

For a DIYer, the garage is potential waiting to be tapped. Move the Christmas decorations out of the way and clear yourself a little bit of room; it doesn’t take much to turn a garage into a DIY haven.

Turn your Garage into a DIY HavenHave you ever started a project outside, gotten interrupted and had to spend your time tarping the incomplete project and carrying all your supplies inside? Your garage can put a roof over projects you can’t complete indoors but cannot be left out in the elements. You can even work when it’s raining, and many of the power tools and other supplies you need for your projects might already be stored out there. You can even construct, sand, prime and paint or stain projects all in your garage with the door open to provide proper ventilation. No more lugging your pieces elsewhere to stain!

The key to making your garage a DIY paradise is organized storage. An unorganized workspace is a one-way ticket to unnecessary stress and frustration, and time spent digging for lost supplies is wasted. The beauty of using your garage for DIY projects is having space to spread out not only your projects but your storage.

Investing in a shelving system, work bench and peg board, whether you purchase them or make them yourself, is a gift that keeps on giving. Buy or construct containers for supplies, label them and stay true to your labels. If your garage is too small to comfortably fit a permanent workbench, you can easily construct a fold-out one using 2×4, heavy-duty hinges and piping.

Many people also neglect the potential for ceiling storage in their garage. Cabinets mounted near the ceiling are not the best for anything you use frequently, but rarely-needed tools can rest comfortably up high. You can also install mounts for ladders and saw horses up high as long as they are out of your garage door’s range.

Turning your garage into a DIY space keeps messy projects out of your home while protecting them from the elements, keeping your supplies organized and easily accessible and giving yourself some breathing room. Your garage isn’t just for storage anymore.

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2 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Garage into a DIY Haven

  1. These three garage storage projects—a cabinet for tools, corner shelves and pet food dispenser—help organize the clutter in your garage and open up more space. The tool cabinet keeps your workbench clear and the tools stored close at hand. The corner shelves contain bins that hold paint cans, car cleaning supplies and numerous other small items. It rotates for easy access and to maximize use of a garage corner. And the dog and cat food dispenser allows you to get those bulky food sacks off the floor and tucked away. These are all inexpensive projects you can complete in a day.

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