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The Hunt For ‘Crystal Fill’

Our video titled: “How to make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light*” is nearing 250,000 hits already! It’s been very rewarding to get the kind of attention that it has and both Silke and I feel that it’s one of our better videos from a content point of view.

The question that has always kept reoccurring is; “Where do I get the ‘crystal fill’ you use in the bottle?” We added a link to our supplies page but from time to time they would either sell out or no longer carry the product. This merited a little investigating into an alternative reliable source.


Introducing: Save On Crafts – Their subtitle is aptly reads – DIY Elegance On A Budget. I’ve ordered through this site myself on several occasions and I’m am happy to report that the orders were promptly filled and the products I received were exactly as they had been described.

More then just crystal fill they also stock many items that you might need for other various crafting projects that you might have.  Shipping will depend on where you’re ordering from but the rates are reasonable and you will be given a timeline as to when you’re package will arrive.

Do you have a ‘go to source’ for your craft supplies that you would like to share? Leave us a comment below.

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