January 25, 2020

The Novelty Of Bottle Crafting

While attending the local Flowertown Festival in Summerville, South Carolina, it soon became apparant that bottle crafting has really begun to take off.

The Flowertown Festival is comprised of over 200 local crafters.  There are other various food vendors and activities for children. It’s always fun to take an afternoon and see what the vendors are showing plus sample some of the many types of food from around the region.

We walked quite a ways through but maybe only saw a fraction of what was there. Somewhere along the way I began to lose track of all the different types of glass bottle crafts that were being offered. From bottle lamps to bottle wind chimes, you got a real sense that recycling bottles has become a hit.

bottle lamp display

bottle craft display

bottle craft candles

bottle craft bird feeders

Jack Daniels dispenser

Bottle Tree


Every spring, the Town of Summerville is awash in color- from the hot pink azaleas, to the purple wisteria, to the delicate white dogwood. On one 3-day weekend during this season, thousands of festival-goers transcend this gracious Southern town to take in the flowers and hospitality and attend one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in the Southeast- The YMCA Flowertown Festival.

*courtesy of eventful

The glass cut bottles turned into candles seemed to be the most recurring item. The unique Jack Daniels bottle that sat in a stone dispenser was interesting and you would really be hard pressed to not find the bottle tree display.

Maybe I’m a little biased on my assumption that these bottle crafts seem to appear everywhere. After all, Silke and I have covered the topic quite extensively and it only makes sense that we would zero in on them if we saw them. It’s kind of cool to think that more people are enjoying hand crafted items again and placing a value in not only the finished project but in the close connection they have with the artist.


2 thoughts on “The Novelty Of Bottle Crafting

  1. You didn’t mention any prices on any of the items. The JD rock thing I’m sure was pretty pricey. I’m a bit of a window shopper myself at these types of shows.

    1. Eva,

      To be honest I really didn’t pay attention to the prices. There were a lot of really cool items to see and it’s always nice to be able to talk to the crafters themselves.

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