January 27, 2020

Using Bottle Fillers for a Diamond Like Look

We love hearing from our bottle-lamp website readers.

Besides sending in the awesome pictures you see on the DIY Show Off page, we also receive questions from our newsletter readers and video watchers on a regular basis.

We always try to answer these questions promptly and honestly within 24 hours. Unfortunately every once in a while an email will slip through. Nick will think I’ve taken care of it and I’ll think he went ahead and answered the email, when in actuality neither of us did. Well, this was the case with the following email. It took over a week before I finally noticed the email in our Inbox and realized the question hasn’t been addressed and Rajeev is still waiting for a response.

Glowing diamond like look - Jameson Bottle Light
Jameson bottle with a diamond like look

Here is his question:
“Hi: Can you please guide me how I can put a diamond like coating inside a bottle. See image attached. Thanks Rajeev”

Dear Rajeev, let me take this opportunity to once again apologize for our delayed response.

To answer your question, looking at the attached picture we can’t tell if the inside was actually painted or coated with anything. What we have done in the past is use a bottle filler called ‘crystal or diamond fill’ that gives a very similar effect. Crystal fill are small acrylic chips that reflect the light and give the bottle a nice glowing effect or diamond like look.

Acrylic chips or sand are mainly used in flower arrangements to hold everything in place. When added to your lighted bottle it will add extra weight for stability and hide the cords of your bottle lamp kit and string of lights as well.

Has anyone used a diamond like spray to cover the inside of a bottle?

We would be very interested in finding out if this was possible. Please leave us a comment below.

Visit our resources page to find out more about this and other fillers we use.

11 thoughts on “Using Bottle Fillers for a Diamond Like Look

  1. It almost looks like the bottle has the normal acrylic fill and the base is a led lighted base, which would make the whole bottle glow.

  2. Hi Liz, Good eye! I didn’t even realize that the bottle is sitting on top of a wooden base. You are probably right on. It would have to be a pretty big light bulb to illuminate the whole bottle though and they would have to cut the bottom of the bottle off. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Sean,
      I followed your link to check this one out. The following information is from the Etsy page:
      ~This is no ordinary bottle lamp! All of my lamps are made using a painstaking,time consuming process that has tiny “diamond like” glass crystals applied to the inside surface of the bottle and uses new wide angle LED technology (to spread light throughout the bottle without using “string lights”).
      I have no idea how they applied the crystal to the glass on the inside of the bottle. It does give the bottle a more uniform look rather than putting a string of lights and filling it with crystal pellets.
      There is a link at the bottom of the shop owners page to contact him with questions.

      1. I have thought about this a few times now and think it could be done with just regular spray adhesive.

        If you hold the bottle at an angle, you could spray the inside through the bottle mouth, maybe do one section at a time. Pour some of the crystal fill in, shake the bottle to spread the filler and pour out the excess. This would have to be done pretty quickly and in a well ventilated area.

        We will give this a try in the next couple of days and report back. ;)

    1. Andy,

      I’m sorry we never got back on this one sooner. A whole post was going to be dedicated to it.

      It looked promising at first but then spots began to clump off and you could see through it. I’m not sure if this was due to the heat or if the adhesive wasn’t working as desired. It would have been easier to frost the outside of the bottle. It isn’t the same effect but at least you can diffuse the light.

  3. I am a college student with an extensive bottle collection in my apartment right now and was looking at how to making something like these. I think to achieve the “diamond like” glass crystals the person may just use frosted glass spray. Maybe this is what you used when you tried but I think it could work. What I am really wondering is what they use a base for their lamps to hide the bulb wiring as in this http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/bodaciousbottles/8772476/grey_goose_vodka_remote_led_color_changing_bottle_lamp_bar_light_/handmade/novelty/housewares/lighting

    any ideas?

  4. It also states on his web page that the lighted base is permanently attached. I’m guessing he’s cutting the bottom off of the bottle or grinding a large hole then coating the inside with a clear drying glue (possible watered down to make it thinner and clearer when dry. While wet, hes adding crushed glass glitter. I plan to experiment and see what I can come up with.

    1. He did cut the base off. There is a seperate procedure that involves a glue to make the two pieces adhere together afterword. With the base off you have full access to the inside of the bottle so adding the crystal filler with an adhesive would be a lot easier.

      Let us know how your project turns out!

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