January 28, 2020
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Crafting T-shirt To Show Support

If you give people an opportunity to be a part of something, they’re going to be proud of what they’ve help create. – Steve Kamb founder of NerdFitness

One of the greatest things that Silke and I have had the pleasure of doing is helping others. We teach the techniques and share tools of the trade to help others make their own bottle crafting projects. But, our videos, blog posts, and all the social media that has been created over the past seven years are nothing compared to the way your emails, pictures and messages have inspired us.

We have gotten to know many of you and now consider you friends. We may never meet you in person but through the internet the distance of space seems irrelevant. Something true friendships are built upon.

Recently we were able to convey our sites unity through the creation of the Bottle-Lamp logo. We went back and forth with the graphic designer and hemmed and hawed about how it should look. It finally all came together when we added just one word: community. With the logo finally finished I was more than eager to share it with everyone. It seemed like something we should have done a long time ago and yet it felt right for this moment.

Let’s Make A T-shirt! Having a logo is great but what good is it if you can’t share it? There are tons of promotional items you can get, from mugs to pens. A t-shirt seems like the perfect fit. Everybody wears shirts so you have the whole purposefulness thing covered, but going beyond that you’re also showing a sense of pride. A sense of belonging to a community that you helped create.

Bottle Lamp Tshirt

Our Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts and are being sold through CustomInk for a limited time only!

You pick the size and for $15.00 plus $5.00 for shipping you can have your own Bottle-Lamp Community shirt. The back of the shirt reads: “Where Creative Minds Meet.” :)

Keep in mind, these custom t-shirts will only become a reality if there is enough interest in them. There is a minimum order amount of 15 shirts needed before they will even begin to print them.

We have until December 3rd to reach that amount. If we can, the shirts will be printed and shipped with an arrival date of December 22nd. Perfect for gift giving!

The proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards reaching more crafters in other countries where whole families and livelihoods can depend on having a successful craft business. It will also help support and maintain the bottle-lamp website.

Benefitting from the community website. Silke and I would like to personally thank all the people who have shared their bottle craft projects with us. So many great ideas that showcase an ingenuity and creativity that never ceases to amaze.

Thanks also to the people behind all the bottle crafting tools that we have reviewed on the site. Their contributions have made the last few giveaways both exciting and eventful.

Would you like to share what you have gained from the Bottle-Lamp website? Please leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Crafting,

Nick and Silke

4 thoughts on “Crafting T-shirt To Show Support

  1. Hey guys, I just read that you had to pull the plug on this. Sorry to hear. They look cool but if you don’t have a market for it then it’s pretty much a done deal. I’ve had a similar situation with one of my girls fund raisers for the sports team she was on. The girls made some really neat designs and had t-shirts printed to sell. The only ones that bought any were the parents who’s kids were on the team. Like you said; “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    1. Carolyn,
      I may have gotten ahead of myself on this one. O.k., that’s really sugar coating it. I got crazy stupid ahead of myself. It all stemmed from having finally put a logo together for the website. It looked really cool and my mind started racing with ideas of what we could do with it (don’t get me started on the coffee mugs and coasters).
      You mentioned that the parents ended up buying the shirts. Well thats probably my only consolation. These never got printed because enough of them never got ordered. :(
      Thanks for commiserating with us.

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