January 21, 2020

Three Fall Inspired Bottle Lamps for local Fundraiser

Steven Scott, a local Alexandria Minnesota resident, is to undergo amputation.

Here is an excerpt from our local paper:

“In 1981, three weeks before my 3rd birthday, I rode my Big Wheel down the driveway into the street as a van was passing by. The vehicle’s right passenger side tire struck me. I was struck by an oncoming vehicle and was trapped under it against the pavement with my Big Wheel. As the vehicle came to a stop, it scraped away body tissue on the upper and lower side of my right leg and foot. I was pinned under the vehicle for several minutes until the firefighters arrived. After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors found that it was not only my leg and foot that were damaged. I had to have exploratory surgery because I was bleeding internally from my spleen, which was immediately removed.

They also found that my skull had been fractured horizontally from ear to ear, but the skin was still intact. My jaw had been broken in two places and was wired shut for approximately two full months. Because of all my injuries, I had to undergo five to six major surgeries to repair damage that was done to my body.

Since my accident 31 years ago, I am continually dealing with pain. I have sharp jolts of pain from my ankle, soreness in my foot, arthritic toes, decreased movement in my left foot, and pain from what feels like a dislocation in my knee. When I go through the procedure, it will take about six weeks of recovery and then I will be fitted with a temporary prosthesis. This device will include the socket that the stump will fit into and will be reshaped according to muscle size. Overall, it will take two years before I am able to walk naturally.

Local Stars will come together to raise funds for Steven Scott during a fundraiser that will be held for Steven Scott on Sunday, October 28 from 4 to 9 p.m. at Carlos Creek Winery near Alexandria. The event will raise funds to assist Scott, who has no insurance, with medical expenses. Scott is a guitar teacher at Carlson Music in Alexandria.

We gladly donated three of our Fall inspired bottle lamps and hope Steven will have a successful surgery and be able to lead a life without pain from then on.

Raising funds for a worthy cause with Bottle Lamps
Fall Inspired Bottle Lamps

Read the complete article on Steven Scott at the Alexandria Echo Press website.

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