September 19, 2019

Set of 4 Lighted Bottles by Mary

We received this email along with a picture from Mary, she gracefully allowed us to share it with you. :) I have completed my first set of 4 bottles and have attached a photo of them (with their lights off). My husband drilled the holes in the bottles, thanks to your excellent “How To” video. […]

Tequila Bottle Lamps by Roberto

Nick and I received this wonderful email along with several pictures of finished bottle lamps from Roberto Gomez this afternoon: “Hello Silke and Nick.  My name is Roberto Gómez. I´m live in Guadalajara México. Since a long time I have the idea for making my own lamps made from bottles, a few weeks ago I […]

DIY Show Off - Recycled Bottle Project

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp by Sutton

Thank you Sutton for sending us a picture of your awesome Jack Daniels bottle lamp. It turned out excellent! We asked Sutton if he had any comments about his bottle lamp making experience. Here is what he said: “This was a first DIY project for me. I made the mistake of drilling too quickly and […]

Lighted Champagne Bottle by Julie

Thank you Julie for sharing your bottle light with us. Julie said via email:” Nick & Silke, Here are a couple pictures of my lamp that I gave to my son.  The bottle was from their 1998 wedding.  I drilled a hole through the cork to let the wine out and then patched it and […]

Lighted Bottles by Sterling, Fish and Twins

After Charles from Sterling, Fish and Twins downloaded our eBook a few weeks ago he had several questions and wasn’t shy about sending us a lengthy email. It’s a good thing he did. We gladly replied to his inquiries as best we could and are very happy to share his first three completed bottle projects below. […]

DIY Project Bottle Lamp

UV Cake Bottle Lamp by Kathy

Thank you Kathy for sharing your bottle light with us. Kathy said via email: “This was my first time and I was a little nervous at first. It turned out ok, thanks so much for your instructions!” This picture just shows the warm energy coming off this truly unique bottle lamp. If you ever wanted […]