September 19, 2019

Bottle Lamps With Unique Styled Bases

We received a comment on one of our DIY Show Off posts that offered some really cool lamps. I am Sandra from Lima – Perú, I would like to show my bottle lamps; in this Project I worked with Edwin Peña in assembly and José Puma with painting glass. Thank you for the opportunity to […]

13 Cool Bottle Crafts

Another gifted craft maker has shared his cool bottle crafts with us. We are very excited to share an awesome selection of bottle crafts all the way from Vietnam. Pham sent us this inspiring selection of bottle craft pictures via Facebook. Check out these 13 cool bottle crafts and get inspired to make your own!  Cám ơn!!! Thank you […]

How To Cut A Glass Bottle And Sanding Tips By Ralph

Tips to cut a recycled glass bottle, helpful sanding techniques and lots of impressive bottle cutting inspirations. We always enjoy hearing from fellow bottle crafters. It’s a pleasure sharing tips and getting to showcase their projects on our blog. We got the following message from Ralph Marana from Maywood, NJ, that shares his bottle cutting and sanding tips with us… scroll […]

bottle floor lamp leader

Pendant Light And Floor Lamp DIY Show Off

We get to meet people from all over the world who like to share their passion for Bottle Crafting. Our friend Vijay, from India, has been a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website. He recently sent us some pictures of his latest project: Dear Mr. Nick and Mrs. Silke, Hope you are all keeping fine. […]


Introducing 8SIX9Design Vintage Industrial Modern Lighting

Salvaged clean cut bottles that are polished and prepped for a more modernistic look. We were contacted by Damon from 8SIX9Design to showcase his Etsy store. With over 20 items to choose from, you will find a nice selection of styled lighting for any room in your house. You are looking at an up-cycled whiskey […]

Stylish Patron Bottle Lamp

Patron Bottle Lamp By Jason

We received a picture of this really cool bottle lamp via our Facebook page. The Patron bottle offers a unique styled glass that just screams to anyone who has done bottle crafting. With it’s square base and generous opening short neck, the potential for crafting a re-purposed project is a must. Visit our Bottle Crafts […]

Bottle Cutting DIY Video

Murray’s Best Way to Cut Glass Bottles

In this DIY video our friend Murray shares his bottle cutting technique with everyone. I have used the Creator’s Bottle Cutter for a while now and it seems to be the over-all consensus that it really is the best bottle cutter on the market. Murray’s video builds on this tool, he also showcases his bottle separation […]

mosaic bottles #bottlecraft #hobby

Decorated Bottles Using Glass Mosaic Tiles

Creating images by assembling small pieces off glass has turned this bottle into a mosaic masterpiece. We recently received an e-mail from one of our bottle-lamp readers showing us their latest creation. My name is Tanishaa Cunha. I am 19 and am in my first year studying design at Goldsmiths, London. My sister and I […]


Bill’s Bottle Lamp And Shot Glass Collection

If you are in need of some inspiration for your next bottle craft project then check this out. We received an e-mail from one of our readers. Bill is showing us his latest collection of bottle crafts. From cut bottles and shot glasses to bottle lamps… scroll down and you will find some really cool looking […]

Glass marbles make great bottle fillers

Flat Marbles As Filler For Bottle Lamp

If you’re looking for flat marbles to use in your bottle lamp project, we’re able to point you in the right direction. It was a couple years ago that we first introduced our own bottle lamps with these unique fillers. Not only do these flat glass marbles cover the cord inside the bottle but they also […]