November 22, 2019
5 Fun and Easy Glass Bottle Projects

5 Fun Recycled Glass Bottle Projects

Now that Nick finally figured out how to cut glass (I will ask him to write his own article on glass bottle cutting soon), I think it’s time to write an article to include a few new projects for you guys.

I came across so many fun bottle projects this weeks, it was hard for me to know when to say “enough is enough already”. After going back and forth with myself a few times, I decided on five projects and to save the rest of them for a later date. :)

5 Fun and Easy Glass Bottle Projects

Here are my 5 Fun Recycled Glass Bottle Projects

  1. Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses – This happens to be Nick’s favorite project at the moment. Every time he finishes a beer, out comes the glass cutter. Once the bottle is cut, all you need to do is use some fine sandpaper and a little bit of water and polish the lip until it’s smooth. Don’t need an eclectic collection of beer bottle tumblers in your home? Use them as outdoor candle holders (see picture above) by inserting a citronella votive candle or tea light.

    Beer Bottle Glasses
    Beer Bottle Glasses
  2. Glass Bottle Tiki Torch – I came across this fantastic idea on a blog called Design Sponge To make a Tiki torch from any recycled wine bottle, all you need is some basic stuff. An empty bottle, teflon tape, copper top plate connector, split ring hanger, copper coupling, copper cap, hex nuts, wood screws, a threaded rod, Tiki replacement wick and Tiki fuel. It looks easy enough to make that we will have to give this a try, no cutting or drilling necessary.

    Bottle Tiki Torches
    Bottle Tiki Torches
  3. Chalk Board Bottle Pantry Organization – We already made a bunch of lighted chalk board bottles, but this is a new idea for me and I love it. Instead of drilling a hole in the bottle, fill it with dried goods like rice, beans and lentils. Chalkboard paint transforms any old bottle into a cool pantry organizer, cover the whole bottle or simply use a swipe of it as a label that can be erased and re-written over and over.

    Recycled Bottle Chalk Board Pantry Organizer
    Recycled Bottle Chalk Board Pantry Organizer
  4. Wine Bottle Wind Chimes – These clever wine bottle wind chimes were made using a hemp string, a wooden ball and a piece of hammered copper. You could improvise any number of materials to come up with a similar result on your own. Just use a glass cutting kit like the Creator’s Bottle Cutter Nick has been using and slice off the bottom of the wine bottle. Either a wood or metal ring inside the bottle neck will hold the string in place.
  5. Wine Bottle Trees – Bottle trees are very popular year-round in the South, they make beautiful garden art. You can make your own wine bottle tree by using 4×4’s and drilling holes all up and down at an angle. Then put pieces of steel or rebar in the holes and place the bottles on them. As far as I know, blue wine bottles are most commonly used, but any color wine bottle or even liquor bottle will do, with or without labels.

    Wine Bottle Tree
    Wine Bottle Tree

I hope this article inspired you to make your own fun recycled glass bottle projects.

Leave us a comment below and tell us which project you like best, and don’t forget to send us pictures for the DIY Show Off page.

5 thoughts on “5 Fun Recycled Glass Bottle Projects

  1. Use of the bottle cutter (can’t remember the name). I have the same one that you used without buying the $23 bottle cutter.
    1. Lay the cutter flat instead of standing up. After adjusting to size of course.
    2. Insert top cone shape piece into neck of bottle.
    3. Lay bottle onto bottom support and against the actual cutting blade.
    4. Apply pressure on bottle against the cutting blade and rotate bottle to score the line.
    5. Swirl the bottom of the bottle in boiling water for 10 seconds. DO NOT LET BOTTOM OF BOTTLE TOUCH BOTTOM OF PAN.
    6. Swirl the bottom of the bottle in ice water for 10 seconds. Bottom usually falls right off. Clean break, no additional cracks.

  2. I like your idea for the bottle tree with the 4by4. I have an idea for the bottle tree that worked out great! Use a real tree. After Christmas I drive around and collect them. Once I get home with a load of them I cut the branches off approx. 18″ from the base of the tree then I cut the limbs so they are about 6-8 inches long. Then I dig a hole and tamp the remaining dirt around the base. I just finished a tree with 2 cases of bottles.

  3. I have read your review of the g2 bottle cutter. You obviously don’t care for it. Which one would you recommend?

    1. Dean,

      I apologize for the descrepancy in #4. The g2 bottle cutter was a pain and I found it very inconsistent (I actually got it to work once). Skip the aggrevation and try something else. Here is the link to our resources page:

      Both of the bottle cutters listed are of excellent quality and will complete the job for you.

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