December 8, 2019
The perfect gift ideas for the craft maker on your list

Crafter’s Top Ten Wish List

Do you know someone that enjoys doing DIY projects or crafts?

If you’re stumped on what to get them for the Holidays this year, then let this crafter’s wish list be your guide! I’ve generalized this list enough so that it’s applicable to everyone no matter what kind of projects they do. I do believe I’ve compiled a list of the perfect gift ideas.

There are certain ‘universal’ tools and items that every craft person should have in their arsenal of equipment.

The perfect gift ideas for the craft maker on your list

Stanley Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun
Imagine a construction site worker walking onto the job site without a claw hammer on his tool belt. Same thing for a crafter without a hot glue gun. If they already have one then you might consider what it’s current condition is in. Upgrading or replacing is always a bonus. If you feel confident about the gun then why not more glue sticks? You can never have enough. It’s too hard to fathom but imagine that you are right in the middle of your crafting project and you can’t finish. Only $10.61 on Amazon!

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Cordless Drill/Driver with Storage Bag and Stud Sensor

Cordless Screwdriver for Craft Lovers
Another must have item to add to any craft persons tool set. The invention of the battery and development of its ability to power a regular size drill with as much torque as electricity has introduced ease and convenience into the lives of contractors and DIY-ers everywhere. Long gone are the days of hunting for an electrical outlet just so you can work properly. Battery powered tools bring convenience and power. Small enough to lug around but powerful enough to pull off big jobs. Only $43.11 on Amazon plus free shipping!

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5 Piece Soldering Gun Kit

The perfect gift for craft makers
A soldering gun is a little further down the food chain when it comes to the perfect gift idea, but you would be surprised at how often a crafter wishes they had one. This 100W Soldering Gun Kit is great for crafters. Get this brand new 100 Watt Soldering Gun, 2 extra cutters and a container of flux tube. The Solder/Wire Gun has a light bulb for easy viewing during solder and includes a blow mold carry case. Only $16.89 on Amazon plus free shipping.

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General Homeowner’s Tool Set

Tool Sets make perfect gifts.
Now here’s something everyone should have, period. A 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit, you don’t even need to own a home,  I keep one in my car because you just never know when you’ll need any of the items that come with this kit. The set includes all the tools needed to complete basic DIY projects around the home. The tools are packaged in a blow molded case for easy tool storage and portability. A steal at only $37.99 (I bet you can’t this at your local hardware store).

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Portable Paper Trimmer

Paper trimmer, the perfect gift idea for craft makers
A paper trimmer is another item with ‘universal’ appeal to it. No matter what craft is being worked on, at some point and time this tool will come in handy. If anyone handed me a scissors and told me to cut a straight line with them I would be reluctant.  You would get what my wife refers to as, ‘the deer in the headlights look’. (I didn’t realize that I used this expression that much until she went and named it). Anyway, I’m left-handed and can’t cut worth a darn. The Fiskars 12 Inch SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer is available at just over $20, making it the perfect gift. 

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Mod Podge 5 Color Starter Pack

Mod Podge in five different colors
For every tool box with a roll of duct tape in it, there is a craft kit with Mod Podge in it. This ‘liquid magic in a bottle’ is so versatile it has whole books expounding it many uses. This fun starter package is great for beginners. The pack offers great 2-ounce trial size bottles of the most popular Mod Podge formulas. Cleans up easily with soap and water, and is Certified AP non-toxic. Only $8.98 on Amazon.

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Precision Scissors

New Set of Scissors, A Perfect Gift Idea For Crafters
Did your Mom ever tell you not to use those certain scissors in the cupboard? They looked like any other pair, were super sharp and held some kind of magic that was beyond comprehension at the time (confession: Yes Mom, I used your special scissors to cut the rope for the tire swing in the back yard). No need to hide them any longer, here is a set of 3 ultra sharp 8″ scissors for only $14.34. The titanium-fused blades resist wear and corrosion.

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Creative Woodburner Pen

creative wood burning tool for crafters

For this to be generalized might be a leap but hear me out on this one. For something as casual as a book shelf board, it would have been cool to be able to put a design on the end of it. Would I have gone out and purchased this just for that very reason? No. On the other hand, if somebody had given me  a wood burning tool like this pen from The Creative Woodburner as a gift I would guarantee that it would have found its purpose. Only $15.95 includes free shipping.

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Steel Work Bench

New Work Bench - the perfect gift for craft makers
Now we’re getting to the brass tacks of the whole crafting mindset. An area big enough to be able to spread out on and yet sturdy enough to hold it all up, let’s enter the Industrial Gray Heavy Gauge Steel Economy Work Bench. Having all your crafts spread out on the kitchen table might work in a pinch but for the long term, this is the way to go. It measures 29 x 72 x 30 inches (H x W x D) and requires assembly, instructions and hardware are included. Available for only $188.32 plus free 3 day shipping.

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Caster Base Stool

Artist and Craft Makers Rolling Stool The trump card. Have a seat, get comfortable and really start enjoying yourself. The colorful Artisan Caster Base Stool in red by Martin Tools is truly the perfect gift idea for crafters and artists. With this sturdy stool on wheels they’ll be zipping from one end of the work bench to the other in no time at all. What fun! Hurry, there are only 3 left in stock, available for $111.87 plus $4.49 for shipping.

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There you have it! I’ve selected a lot of things that are small and easy to store until it’s gift giving time for your favorite craft makers.

Did I forget anything? Please leave a comment if there’s a perfect gift idea you would like to add. It might turn out to be the subtle hint you need to give to someone. ;)

3 thoughts on “Crafter’s Top Ten Wish List

  1. Thank you for putting together this gift list. I always have a hard time trying to find a meaningful and useful present for my sister. She loves making crafts but doesn’t have a lot of money being a single mom with three kids.

  2. Wholesale/resale restaurant supply stores many times have great supplies cheaper than retail or project/craft stores. I bought a great stainless worktable (that nothing sticks to or stains) for 150.00. It has a shelf and is 3ft by 5 ft and has adjustable feet. Mine was new out of the box so i also got to set the shelf height. You can get used ones dirt cheap. :)

    1. Minta,
      Your worktable sounds like a really great find. Having it both stick and stain resistant is such a huge plus when your working on craft projects. I’ve never even thought of checking out the restaurant supply stores before. Thank you for sharing your find with us!

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