January 20, 2020

Cut Bottle Wind Chimes

We received the following inquiries from a Bottle-Lamp website visitor today and thought maybe you have been wondering about the same things?

Rick had been visiting our Bottle Cutter Review page. Take a look at his questions, then scroll down for Nick’s answers.

Where do you get your bottles? I do not drink fast enough.

Second, on the bottle wind chimes it was mentioned that you used a ring or washer to hang the ball. I am not sure how you used them. Are they wedged in the bottles throat or glued flat on the top.

Third, what size are they? Thanks, Rick

cut glass wind chime
Glass Bottle Wind Chime

Rick, All good questions.

1) The bottle question was one I was actually concerned about when I first started bottle crafting.

My intent was to sell them on-line. Long story short; once word got out that I was cutting and drilling bottles, everyone was soon enough setting them aside for me. Silke and I were officers at the Elks Lodge at this time as well and we requested that they set certain bottles ones aside (You can ask at any bar in your neighborhood and once you explain what you’re doing you’ll be amazed at the response).

2) The bottle wind chimes were put together using fishing line fed through the neck and a decent size washer was simply tied to the end. The bottle hung off the washer.

Gravity works with you this way as opposed to gluing them together.

3) The answer to the last question would be – big enough so the washer doesn’t fall through the neck.

Hope this helps.

Let us know how your glass bottle crafts turn out for you.


1 thought on “Cut Bottle Wind Chimes

  1. Hello Nick, I’ve been separating bottles for a while now and found a much better solution to the separation process. Instead of continually having to boil water in a tea kettle and running the tap for an hour please pass this along. Fill a 2qt. sauce pan an inch from the top and bring the water to a boil. Leave the pan on the burner. Fill another 2qt. pan with the same amount of water with and 6 ice cubes in it. Set it right next to the boiling water pan. Swish the bottle in circles for 15 seconds? Then the same amount of time in the ice water. Repeat if necessary. Yesterday after scoring 24 bottles I endded up with 22 perfectly separated bottles in a hour. I use the the G2 bottle cutter I purchased from Hobby Lobby for $15.95 using a 40% off coupon.

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