January 28, 2020

Different Power Tools Used In Lamp Making

Good lamps add sophistication and class to a room.

A well designed lamp will also create a certain ambiance through a combination of materials. For you to make a good lamp using recycled materials, good power tools need to be used. There are different power tools used in lamp making. You need to choose what recycled materials to use first because you will definitely use different power tools. The right tool for the right job makes sure the work done is clean and efficient.

different power tools used in lamp making
Festool Power Tools

Making Wooden and Recycled Board Base Lamps

Lamps can be made from a wooden base as well as a wooden holder. Festool power tools have an array of tools that are used to do woodwork. This ranges from general to detailed precision jobs. A good lamp base needs to be strong and beautiful to look at. The holder needs to be well carved for that unique quality. You will need a circular saw to trim the kind of base you want. This is of course assuming your plank of wood was very big. The preciseness will be brought in with a radial arm saw that is more accurate with angles for that clean finish. A power scroll saw can be used to create patterns on the wood piece for a finer finish.

The lathe machine will then provide some rotation for the holder or the arm as you chisel it to a desired design. The arm is then slit into two using a radial arm saw and a thin line chiseled in between to provide space for the cable. These pieces are then glued together. A bulb holder is screwed on top using a power driver and a lamp shade of a preferred color put on it. These two pieces can then be joined using a power driver to drive a screw through the base to the arm. The compressed sanders will give you that smooth finish on the base before joining the two.

The beauty of boards is that they do not need sanding. The cutting and design will still give them a quaint finish.

Making Marble Base Lamps

Lamp bases can also be made of marble. If you have a piece of marble that was displaced, you can use it to create a masterpiece using Festool power tools. A Festool marble cutter will give you the desired shape of the base that you want. The power drill will bore a hole for you to fit the screw and join the arm to the base. The arm can be metallic or wood depending on taste. The cable is wired to the arm and a lampshade of desired color and design put over it. The beauty of these power tools is the ability to cut without cracking and distorting the materials.

Metal bases can also be used but are not as common unless when molded  A fine finish on metal is not possible without paint or other smoothing agents. The lamps can be of any shape and size as long as they are stable. Either way for the daring artists, the Festool power tools will still give you that option.

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