December 8, 2019
Deluxe Candle Making Kit and Supplies

Glass Bottle Candle Making Kit Giveaway

Turning your recycled bottles into scented candles has never been easier.

Transform your favorite wine or beer bottle into a mind calming and fragrant scented candle. This soy wax candle making kit comes with all the tools you need to easily cut the bottlenecks off recycled bottles! The Deluxe candle making kit is available for under $50 and can be used again and again. Scroll down and leave us a comment for your chance to win this kit…

Make your own bottle candles with the Deluxe candle making kit

If you have never used a glass bottle cutter before, no worries, check out our Bottle Cutting 101 article to learn how easy it is. You will be surprised how much fun it is to make your own soy based scented candles.

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Giveaway ends on 12/12/2019.
Glass bottle scented candle making kit

The candle making kit comes with the following supplies:

  • 1 – Upcycle EZ-Cut bottle cutter
  • 2 – 1 LB bags of 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • 2 – 1 oz bottles of premium fragrance scents (Creamy Vanilla and Pure Lavender)
  • 4 – Wicks
  • 2 – Bow Tie Holders &
  • 1 – 1 LB Pouring Pot Pitcher

Soy candle making is a hot trend which makes a great gift for anyone that likes candles, wine, or crafts! It is also a great hobby for social gatherings with friends or to spend quality, fun and productive time with loved ones.

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Bottle candle making with soy wax and fragrances

Be very careful when working with hot wax and glass bottles!

The Deluxe Candle Making Kit is Quick & Easy to Use with just 4 Steps:

1) Score the bottle with the cutter tool (instructions are included with the kit). Separate the bottle using a hot/cold method and sand the rim/edges of the cut bottle to prevent stress fractures.

Check out our How To Videos for more bottle crafting tips.

Bottle Cutting Tool
Two halves of a cut beer bottle, ready for the candle making

2) Measure an appropriate amount of soy wax flakes for your bottle. Use a second, larger pot to heat the water and set pitcher with wax in the pot. Melt the wax in the included pitcher

Pouring soy wax into melting pot
Melting soy wax flakes in a double broiler
Melted wax for beer bottle candles

3) Let the melted wax cool for about 20 minutes and add your desired amount of fragrance oil.

Lavender Candle Fragrance for DIY candles

3) Set up the wick by sliding the bow-tie wick holder over the wick. Align wick in center of the bottle with the holder. Pour the wax slowly into your cut bottle and allow to cool completely.

Hot melted candle wax with fragrances for beer bottle candles

Leave us a comment and share your fave picture for your chance to win this super easy to use Candle Making Kit from DIY Gateway!

Giveaway ends on 12/12/2019.


The secret ingredient to this amazing candle making kit are two of the popular, highly-concentrated fragrance oils: Creamy Vanilla and Pure Lavender.

The included premium fragrances will leave your home smelling wonderful and produce a calming effect known through science experiments. We mixed both the vanilla and lavender together for a warm, welcoming scent.

Scented beer bottle candles with glass etching

We wish you could smell our house right now! The combined scents are so lovely.

Using the Deluxe Candle Making Kit along with the Glass Etching Kit will make you feel like a super creative and green-conscious person. You will be able to make beautiful smelling DIY glass candles for your home, or give as gifts for the holidays!

Leave us a comment and share your fave picture to win this Candle Making Kit!

Giveaway ends on 12/12/2019.
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Using the Deluxe Candle Making kit from DIY Gateway was a lot of fun. The kit comes with a 2 sided step by step instruction sheet so you can easily make your own scented glass candles out of old wine, beer and liquor bottles.

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  1. Oh my, what a great idea. I love making candles and shared your giveaway picture on my pinterest craft page. Thank you for this, I hope I win :)

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