January 25, 2020

Home made Christmas presents using bottles

There’s is something special about giving and receiving hand made gifts that just can’t be replaced by a store bought item.

My grandmother made me a quilt that I will never be able to part with. Every time I look at it I’m consumed with a flood of memories of her and then I begin to think of the time and effort she put into it. The fact that it was her hands and fingers that pulled the thread to bring all the different pieces together to make this truly individual item seems so overwhelming that I can’t even begin to imagine the time she put into it.

Hand made Christmas present
Decorated lighted bottle lamp

The bottle lamps that we make for specific individuals are bottles that we thought had a significant meaning to that person. Whether its a favorite drink or a favorite color that’s captured in the color of the glass, we always are able to give the gift and it’s intended recipient a common bond.

Drilling and illuminating these recycled bottles are not only an inexpensive present but are also a testament to your time and talent. Once you have your bottle lamp put together, your imagination is the key to decorating it to your recipients own taste. Take a look at our reader’s DIY show off page for more inspiration.

If you are looking for inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas this year or if you want to make one of a kind presents, check out our bottle lamp videos or this DIY book we featured below, to help give you the inspiration that you need.

If bottle lamp making isn’t your thing, take a look at the Best of Christmas Ideas book by Better Homes and Garden.
This book is packed with a variety of ideas and projects including:

  • – festive decorating schemes
  • – stunning themed trees
  • – quick-to-make ornaments and cards
  • – appealing gifts to make
  • – and easy crafts.

Find inspirational Christmas decorating ideas to help beautify your home in a creative and personal way, as well as being able to create thoughtful and inexpensive gifts for your loved ones.


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