January 20, 2020
cutting glass rings

How To Cut Glass Rings Instructional Video

Have you ever wanted to make those glass rings that you see on Etsy or Pinterest? Bottle-Lamp.com has the answer.

Taking things apart and seeing how they work is almost ingrained in our DNA. If you find yourself seeing things on these craft pages and always wanted to recreate them then your in good company. Finding a way to cut glass bottles offers many options and tools for you to explore. We have put together an instructional video that shows how to cut glass rings out of a bottle.

Why glass rings? – From wind chimes and mobiles to decorative jewelry and art decor. People are always coming up with new and inventive ways to utilize these glass objects. Getting the glass rings shouldn’t be that hard. Getting the consistent scores on your bottles and having a separation process that leaves you with perfect rings each time is the ultimate goal.

We hope you have enjoyed our video and found it informative. If you would like to check out our other glass bottle videos be sure to check out our ‘Recycled Bottle Projects’ channel. If you would like to read our review of the ‘Creator’s Bottle Cutter’, be sure to check out our blog page.

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