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Light Kit for your Bottle Lamp Project

In the past several months we have been making more and more of our recycled bottles into functioning Bottle Lamps.

In order to turn any bottle into a Bottle Lamp we need to attach a Lamp Light Kit to the mouth of the bottle.

We are happy to have found this very inexpensive light kit on Amazon for under $8. 

cheap light kit for bottle lamps

Bottle Lamp Light Kit

Here are our step by step instructions on how to properly install this ‘Make A Lamp Kit’ to your own recycled bottle.

1. Drill a hole in the back of the bottle. Click here for drilling instructions.

2. Clean the bottle thoroughly and let dry completely.

3. Pull the cord through the back and out of the mouth of the bottle.

4. Put the cord through the threaded rod.

5. Choose the rubber stopper that most closely fits the mouth of the bottle. Push it onto the threaded rod half way, cap the bottom with the washer.

6. Pull the cord through the threaded rod and place the rubber stopper into the neck of the bottle.

7. Place the top golden washer through the cord and on top of the bottle. It will sit right on top of the bottle.

8. Grab the base mount of the lamp and screw it onto the threaded rod. As you tighten it will press against the golden washer to expand, this will give you a tight fit.

9. With the cord in place, take the top of the lamp socket and using the screws on either side screw on the wires.

10. You are now ready to put the top and bottom pieces of the lamp kit together. Press firmly and twist. Once secured you are ready for your lamp shade and light bulb.

Easy instruction to install a light kit on a glass bottle

Light Kit for your Bottle Lamp project

Click here to buy the light kit we use on our Bottle Lamps.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to install a Lamp Light Kit by leaving us a comment below.

10 Responses to Light Kit for your Bottle Lamp Project

  • How do you connect a lamp shade to it? I did not see that piece in the kit.

  • The lamp shade rests on top of the bulb socket. (see picture)


    • I don’t like how loose and sloppy the lamp shades sit on the lamp socket, so I shim it up a little bit by adding one or two layers of electrical tape around the top of the lamp socket.

  • Can you recommend a light kit for my bottle that doesn’t involve drilling?

  • Is there a way to seal the drill hole one the wiring has been completed?

    • You can use the rubber grommets. These small donut shaped seals simply slide over your electrical cord and offer a nice tight fit. You can find them here:

      These doughnut shaped plugs snap into the holes after you drilled into your recycled bottle. While protecting the cable insulation from damage they also conceal the sharp edges of the glass. Flexible black vinyl 1/4″ grommets.

      These Rubber Grommets are used if you’re attaching a cord with a switch to make a bottle lamp or if you’re replacing the electrical plug on a light string. Only $4.27 per set of 6, these grommets will make the back of your bottles look professional.

      Got to the resources page to find these grommets.

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