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Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer

Here are our instructions on how to make a Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer.

This is a wonderful, home made gift idea for the Holiday season! Simply use a Holiday print fabric for the cover and cinnamon or pine scented potpourri.

Instructions for a hand made Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer
You will need the following materials to make a Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer:

– A Mason Jar, clean and free of labels

– Diamond tipped drill bit and power drill

– 35 Mini Light String

– Potpourri
(Click here to learn how to make your own potpourri.)

– Piece of cloth

– Rubber band

– Rope, raffia or ribbon

Instructions for making a Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer:

Use the diamond tipped drill bit to make a hole in the back of the Mason Jar. Take a look at our instructional video on the home page if you need help drilling into glass.

Insert the light string through the back of the Mason Jar.

(If you’re not comfortable drilling glass, you can also run the light string out of the top of the jar. The light string will be secured by the rubber band.)

Add potpourri from the top of the jar. It’s best to do this in succession, add a few lights then add some potpourri, more lights, more potpourri until the jar is filled.

Cut a piece of cloth to cover the mouth of the jar, approx. 5 inches in diameter. Any cotton fabric will do just fine. Make sure to cut it large enough so the cloth can hang over the sides.

Secure the cloth with a rubber band.

Cover the rubber band with a piece of rope, colorful raffia or a decorative ribbon.

Plug in your Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer and enjoy as the scent of warming potpourri fills your home.

As the scent fades over time, simply remove the cloth and add  fresh potpourri or drop a few drops of fragrance oil or essential oils on the cloth.

Lighted potpourri jars are such an easy craft that they make ideal hostess gifts for impromptu holiday gatherings.

Giving a Holiday Potpourri Mason Jar as a gift? Add a few festive ornaments or other seasonal decorations, wrap in cellophane and tie with curly ribbons.

Add your unique touch to make illuminated potpourri holiday jars for gift giving or holiday decorating.


Mason Jar Potpourri Warmers make it easy to infuse a room with holiday ambience!

4 Responses to Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer

  • This is a great gift for friends durning the holiday season. I would like more ideas and instructions on how to put them together. Thank you.

    • Hi Janet, I’m glad you like our Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer and yes, it is a wonderful gift idea that is very easy to make.

      To learn how to drill a whole in the glass jar you can watch out step by step video tutorial on the Bottle-Lamp home page. Once the hole is made you simple insert the light string through it and add the potpourri and any decorate fabrics, ribbons, or ornaments you choose.

      You can then wrap the jar in cellophane, craft paper or gift wrap, tie with curly ribbons and don’t forget to attach a gift tag.

  • Hi! Approximately how much potpourri per jar do you end up using? 1 cup? cup and a half? Our American Heritage Girls troop may end up making and selling these for an upcoming craft fair, and just getting info together. Thanks!

    • Hi Susie, I don’t usually measure the amount but I would say about 1 1/2 cups of potpourri should do it. You can always add a little bit more later on if the potpourri settles in the jar. Good luck with your upcoming craft fair. This is a great project for a girls troop. :)

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