January 28, 2020
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Questions by a Bottle-Lamp Reader

Tabbatha sent us an email recently with the following questions regarding different safety issues of our lighted bottles:

What length of lights do you use? And what is Crystal fill is it a safe substance? I see online that some people do put the cork back in the bottle or cap on when finished decorating, is this safe?

bottle lamp reader questions
Bottles with Lights

We thought they were very good questions and wanted to share them with the rest of our readers. Here are the answers we gave Tabbatha.

1. What length of lights do you use? We usually use strings of 35 lights on a regular sized bottle. Here are a couple of links where you can find reasonably priced light strings:

These are both white light strings. If the light string you choose comes with a plug on both ends, you can simply cut the female end off and take electrical tape to cover the ends.

2. What is Crystal fill, is it a safe substance? Crystal fill are little acrylic beads that are safe to use with LED lights since they don’t give off any heat.

3.  Some people do put the cork back in the bottle or cap on when finished decorating, is this safe? It’s safe to put the cork, cap or bottle stopper into the bottle, especially if you use LED lights. We have even put the cork back on numerous bottles with regular light strings and never had an issue. The bottles will get a little warm to the touch but not nearly warm enough to cause any damage.

Tabbatha  is the Regional Sales Manager for Personal Safety Corporation at www.padalarm.com. Thank you for sending us your questions.

Do you have any questions regarding our recycled Bottle Lamps or lighted bottles?

Please don’t hesitate to send an email to contact@jagerfoods.com or leave a comment below.

Best wishes, Nick and Silke

2 thoughts on “Questions by a Bottle-Lamp Reader

  1. I like your crystal fill idea however have noticed in the large captain Morgan bottle – there are stones or marbles in it? How does that look when lit and what exactly did you put in it? Also what else can you fill the bottle with?

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