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Recycled Glass Bottle Plant Holders – Part II

We completed one of our Glass Bottle Plant Holders about three weeks ago and the other ones a few days later.

So far, as of the end of May, the cherry tomato plant is looking the best. Here are some pictures I took this morning.

From left to right we have a tomato plant in a Champagne bottle, a strawberry plant in a Black Velvet liquor bottle and another strawberry plant in a Black Oak wine bottle.

Recycled bottle plant holder for tomato plant

Champagne Plant Holder

Liquor Bottle Strawberry Plant Holder

Liquor Bottle Plant Holder

Wine Bottle Strawberry Plant Holder

Wine Bottle Plant Holder

Our next Bottle Plant Holder will hold a Vica Vine. I would think that the plant would take right off, being a vine and all. :)

Recycled Glass Bottle Plant Holders make unique gifts. Simply pick the persons favorite wine, liquor or any nondescript glass bottle, drill a hole in the bottom, add dirt and a plant and attach a wire or hemp rope to the bottle neck.

Do you have any suggestions on which other plants we should try out

in our Bottle Plant Holders? Please leave us a comment below.

4 Responses to Recycled Glass Bottle Plant Holders – Part II

  • You’ve got me stumped? How do you keep the dirt from falling out? Thanks, Farmer Mike

    • Farmer Mike,
      The plants we purchased to put in the bottles were in the starter soil packages. Silke actually had to squeeze the sides to get them to break apart before she put them in the bottles. Not only did it hold the plant inside but the additional soil that we had added as well.

  • Do you have to do a lot of watering – just tip them upside down and douse?

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