January 25, 2020
Industrial Light Kit

Steampunk Bottle Lamps For The Masses

You know something trending has hit the big time when you see it mass produced in a box store.

I was a little taken aback when we were in one of the big chain hardware stores the other weekend to find an end cap with kits for putting steampunk bottle lamps together. It wasn’t the fact that this trendy design had been mass produced for larger consumption but the feeling that the mystique of the whole process had somehow been over simplified.

Steam Punk Kits

Up until this point you had to imagine yourself rummaging around scrap yards and plumbing sections trying to find the right fittings and lengths of pipe that you needed. The rustier and more worn made them even more valuable! The whole experience brought out the ‘Indiana Jones‘ in you, as you climbed over piles of dilapidated water heaters and rusting cars in search of the perfect pipe fitting. Now the whole experience has been simplified into a no thrills trip to the store.

Steam Punk Home Depot

This was only the tip of the iceberg. A quick study of some on-line browsing brought even more results! Amazon has a whole Industrial Lighting section that will help you create some of the more intricate bottle lamps.

Industrial Light Kit

Buy Here

It might seem that by stream lining these types of craft projects they have made the whole experience less memorable. But if your end game is to accomplish the project then this is the perfect fit for you.

Who says you have to play by the rules? If you feel like coloring outside of the lines you can simply use the kit as a template and modify it to your own taste. You might still find yourself searching out that extra pipe or pipe fitting to alter your creation and add a little of your own taste to the project.

Happy Hunting!


3 thoughts on “Steampunk Bottle Lamps For The Masses

  1. I have been wanting to do something like this for quite some time. Too old to be scavenging garbage bins, and just plain too tired to even think about getting around to different shops to get the things needed to put one together. Some people might feel that this is a really easy way out of putting one of these together. They’re probably right but at 84 years young, I really can’t see being able to make this happen. Once it’s together I want to give it to my grandson as a birthday present. Over simplified? Maybe. Making a memorable item that will be something that my daughters son can hold onto long after I’m gone. Definitely.

  2. Glen,

    Thank you for your candid response. I am certain that your grandson will enjoy what you have made for him. If you would like to show case it here on the DIY Show Off Page, we would love to share it.

  3. I’ve had mixed feelings about things becoming too commercial. First, it does seem to diminish the original concept making it seem less relevant. The flip side of this is of course to be able to see that it is made more accessible for everyone does have its own unique charm. Case in point; Glen and his grandson. After I read his reply to your column I really began too feel differently about the whole scenario that you mentioned. I really hope Glen sends you a picture and I also hope that his grandson cherishes that special gift that was made for him.

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