January 27, 2020

The Shellback Silver Rum Bottle Is Too Cool For School

I’ve been holding onto this particular bottle for quite awhile now. What to do with it was the biggest hurdle.

How could anyone want to throw something like this away? I mean even if you took off all the labels, the bottle itself is just too cool to simply be thrown in a dumpster much less a recycle bin. With it’s raised trident on the side and the bottom of the bottle showing a compass, the bottle itself is really a work of art.

If I’m starting to sound like a bit of a bottle connoisseur at this point then admission is the road to recovery. After making bottle lamps and different projects with bottles for as long as I have, every decanter that I see becomes fair came. It’s a gift, it’s a curse? Only time will tell.

Shellback Silver Rum Bottle

Inspiration finally happened – It was either that or; A) I was bored, B) It had been sitting in the cupboard too long and it was do or die or C) all of the above. If the bottle were cut in just the right place the top could be turned into a pendant light and the bottom could be a coin collector / ashtray of sorts. Either way it would be a win/win, nothing goes to waste with two products out of one!

Shellback Bottle Compass

The pressure to get it right! – I’ve cut quite a few bottles now and given what I have to work with this whole process should seem second nature. Cutting a beer bottle isn’t really too worrisome. I mean, if you screw it up, how hard will it be to get another one? Now a really unique bottle is a little bit different game. You mess this up and well you’ll only be left with broken pieces and thoughts of all that could have been.

Shellback Trident

Success! – It is such an awesome feeling when something like this or any project that you already have an idea of how it should look actually comes together. My first thought was letting someone use the bottom as an ash tray. After sanding it down there’s no way that’s going to happen. It will be a spare change collector or maybe a candle holder.

I will get back to report on how the pendant light turned out later on next month. Until then let me know what you think. We always enjoy the feedback on these projects!

12 thoughts on “The Shellback Silver Rum Bottle Is Too Cool For School

    1. Thanks Ray. The Creator’s Bottle Cutter worked beautifully for this. Once again I was able to find the spot where I wanted to score the bottle and lock it in. For the separation process I used hot water, a bowl of ice cubed water, and the rings that came with the cutter. An easy separation right away.

  1. I fully agree. I was on TAD in Norfolk a couple years ago and bought a couple of bottles to make glasses out of but I didn’t have the room to bring the empty bottles with me and my dumb logic was, “Hey I’ll buy some when I get home.” Haven’t seen them since.

    1. James,
      I feel your pain! Finding different bottles around the world only to be held back because it’s unrealistic to bring them with you is pretty common with us. We’ve left some really cool ones behind ourselves.

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