January 27, 2020

Wine Bottle Lamp by Don

Don sent us an email with a picture of his Wine Bottle Lamp.

He went a step further and made a fantastic looking base for the wine bottle to stand in.

In his email Don says: “Here is the latest project. Built with recycled parts. Total cost of the project was probably about $15. Cheers, Don”

wine bottle lamp with base
Wine Bottle Lamp by Don

Thank you for sending us a picture of your latest project Don. We love the look of your lamp!

There is no way anyone would be able to find an awesome looking lamp like this in a store or online for only $15. A nice looking table lamp like this would retail for at least $50 or more. Well done Don!

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4 thoughts on “Wine Bottle Lamp by Don

  1. I love Wine bottle lamp by Don, and would love to make one what did he use or buy for base?
    Thank you I am about to start making some lamps wish me luck

    1. Hi Maria, it looks to me like he used the top or bottom part of a wooden staircase post. If you ask at your local lumber yard you should be able to find a nice piece for your lamp. Good luck making your bottle lamp and feel free to send us pictures for our DIY Show Off page.

  2. the shade was more than 15 bucks never mind the lamp kit. Probably was closer to 40 or 50 bucks to make, come on

  3. Don, I am interested in making wine bottle lamps with the battery operated rice lights. I need a base to put the battery box in. What are the round pieces you used for your lamp? bottle

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