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13 Cool Bottle Crafts

Another gifted craft maker has shared his cool bottle crafts with us.

We are very excited to share an awesome selection of bottle crafts all the way from Vietnam. Pham sent us this inspiring selection of bottle craft pictures via Facebook.

Check out these 13 cool bottle crafts and get inspired to make your own! 

Steampunk Bottle Lamp

Wine Bottle Tray

Bottle tray and glasses

Cut bottle Glass

Recycled bottle tray

Cut Bottle Tumbler

Bottle glasses made from recycled Champagne bottle

Wine bottle turned flower vase

Recycled bottle vase

Recycled bottle lamp

Steampunk lamp

DIY Steampunk Lamp

Vodka Bottle flower vase

Cám ơn!!! Thank you Pham for sharing your cool and very inspiring bottle crafts with us and our readers. Check out Pham’s Facebook feed for more great recycled bottle crafting pictures.

This truly is eye-candy for us bottle crafters.

Did you get inspired to start making your own crafts using recycled glass bottles? On our recycled bottle crafts community blog you will find all of the resources you need to get started.

Feel free to leave us a comment, or learn more about us and send us a message, if you have any questions.

Which one of Pham’s bottle crafts was your favorite? Leave us a message below.


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