January 20, 2020

Agavero Bottle Lamp By Scott

What better way to preserve a unique bottle then by turning it into a fully functional bottle lamp?

Scott Johnson sent us pictures of a project he made seven years ago using this tequila bottle. His e-mail read:

Here is the first bottle lamp I made which was about 7 years ago.  I made two more for a friend as a wedding gift using two of their favorite tequila bottles.  Unfortunately I do not have pictures of them.  I have just retired and want to make more (I have several bottles saved) and was looking around for cheaper prices on supplies when I ran into your site (which is now bookmarked).  The first pic is with flash, the second without.  What do you think?


Here’s a little history on the bottle itself courtesy of tequilasource.com:

History: In 1857 in the region of Jalisco Mexico, the master distiller Lazaro Gallardo created Agavero, a special treat to meet the refined tastes of his close friends. Named after the blue agave plant, Agavero’s secret recipe has been handed down through generations (until recently revealed). Today, almost 150 years later, Agavero is still hand produced according to the meticulous production methods created by Master Lazaro Gallardo himself.


We wanted to thank Scott for sending us his project pictures. We think the lamp turned out awesome and I’m sure his wedding presents are still cherished today. Leave a comment for Scott below.

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