November 15, 2019

Beautiful Blue and Red Lighted Bottles

Jessie from ‘Bottles Be Glowing’ sent us pictures of these two beautiful blue and red themed lighted bottles.

Jessie started an Etsy store a month or so ago and has been selling her bottles successfully.

Here is what she said in her email to us:
“I’ve enjoyed the pics you have posted from the other talented people, they are amazing! Still plugging away here but loving all the time I get to work on them. Here are 2 pics. Blue Half Moon and Key to my Heart. I have been having lots of traffic in my “store”, I know it has to do with the DIY Show Off pages, you guys are great for doing that. Thank-you.”

Blue Half Moon Bottle
Blue Half Moon Bottle
Red Key to my Heart Bottle
Red Key to my Heart Bottle

We love your unique decorating style!

Take a look at the rest of Jessie’s bottle lamp creations in her Etsy store:

Bottles Be Glowing

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Blue and Red Lighted Bottles

  1. I used hot glue to put glass pieces on a bottle and after a week or so they started to fall off or were easily removed. What kind of hot glue sticks should I have used?

  2. Hi Gary, I use the multi- temp glue sticks and a high temp glue gun. I always wait at least 5 minutes after I turn the glue gun on before gluing anything to make sure the glue is at the highest temp. I had noticed if I started gluing too soon the glass stones did not adhere properly. My bottles are washed clean with soap to take any oils left on after removing the labels. Since I started this , I have not had any problems. I hope this helps you :)

  3. Thank you Jessie for sharing your process. I think washing/removing the oils and residue helps a lot, as well as waiting for the glue to get really hot.

  4. Jessie,
    We went to your Etsy store and checked out all your bottles. Very impressive. If there’s anything we can do to help get the word out just let us know.

    Nick and Silke

  5. Thanks so much for visiting! I really appreciate all that you have done! I have been getting lots of hits on it, especially after you post a link on your site. I have put a few bottles at the office and they have been selling too. I will send you a couple of pics of the football ones that have been requested. Thank-you again :)Oh by the way, I love your youtube video easy recipes for two, it’s great!!

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