February 25, 2020

Blue Bottle Light by Liz

This beautiful blue bottle light was send in by Liz, she says:

“Your video made the drilling a breeze, only ruined one bottle when practicing. Going slow is the key and being very careful when you finally drill thru the bottle to not have the drill bang against it. It has been fun. Here is a pic of my first bottle. Can’t wait to make more.
Thanks for all your help. Liz K.”

Beautiful blue bottle lamp with deco
Beautiful Blue Bottle with lights and decorations

Thank you Liz for sending us a picture of your lighted blue bottle.

You did a wonderful job decorating the outside, it looks very classy.

Using a battery operated string of lights adds the advantage of being able to display your bottle anywhere you want. Well done!

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1 thought on “Blue Bottle Light by Liz

  1. We have been asked recently to remove the labels from our bottles. When we asked why they said they just wanted to see the bottle. This is exactly that! Very classy.

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