January 19, 2020

Bottle Art That Tells A Story

We always enjoy looking at different bottle art projects on the many different social media sites. When you find something that really moves you, well you just naturally want to share it.

That’s how we came across Strokes and Stories. The art work is definitely one of a kind but what really makes these pieces special is the story that is behind each and every one of them. We had a chance to communicate with Richa Singh, the artist that brought the whole picture together.

BL: How long have you been painting?

Richa: I’ve been doing this with full throttle since last one year. I used to do it part time earlier but two months back I’ve quit my job so that I can give this full focus and more of my time.

BL: How did you get started painting bottles?

Richa: I have always been interested in painting and used to do it since when I was a kid, but in later years of school and college there came a gap and I got busy with other things. It’s only when I had started working, I was super bored one day and I needed to kill time, I picked up an old glass bottle lying in my kitchen, picked up some paints and brushes and started painting randomly. This was followed by a few more bottles, old coffee mugs I did not want to throw away, old bags and wallets that needed a makeover, and the interest started to grow again. And it felt refreshing.

A friend of mine saw these things that I painted and asked me to paint a bottle for him. I didn’t think of an idea in the beginning but when I actually got to painting the bottle, I thought of customizing it for him – with his stories, things he says, a picture of him and other stuff like that. And fortunately he loved the outcome and asked me to try more of these. That same friend actually gave me the first order. And that’s how this began. From one person to the other, friends and their friends and over Facebook and Instagram, people started discovering my work and more orders kept coming in. 

I always used to dream of creating something special for people with something unique to offer and I’ve always loved customization. And to actually combine the two and create such gifts for so many people brings in a great deal of joy and satisfaction.

BL: Do you have any advice to give to future artists?

Richa: I’d say keep trying new things, different ideas, different products and different techniques. Ultimately it’s the uniqueness in your art that’ll help you connect with people and take you places.  Also, art is a wide subject and different people relate to it on different levels. Only once you start experimenting, you’ll realize your own potential and how a simple thought in your head can help so many people connect with you and your art. So keep experimenting and find something that you love create and have fun with it.

BL: Your art work tells a story about the person that it’s intended for. Do you have people asking you to tell their story now that they’ve seen your work?

Richa: Yes, the stories are the highlight here. People love the idea of putting someone’s life on a product with all things special to them – the memories shared, things they are passionate about, some inside jokes, various places and incidents etc. And when all of this comes together, it gives you something very personalized that tells your story. That’s what people love to see for themselves and their loved ones – and that’s what makes each order unique and different.

Below are just a few of the many different bottles that Richa has put together. Each picture has it’s own descriptive text. Enjoy!

Strokes and Stories Hamburg

“An adorable love story and an idea of a surprise brought another order. This time the bottle was full and unopened with the cover not to be tampered, making it a little more challenging.”


Strokes and Stories How A Drunk

“Met in 2011, they were in same class. The girl starts liking this boy but he has no such feelings. Later they joined different colleges and drifted apart. In 2015 they started meeting up again, late night calls, people complimenting on how they look cute together and then the surprise dates when finally the guy confessed his feelings for her.”


Strokes and Stories Best Friends

“When you hear some people narrate their stories and you can totally imagine them right out of a comic strip, that’s when you know you gotta paint them the same way. It was a bit of a challenge to cover so much on such a surface, with its own limitations. But the content was so good that I didn’t wanna miss out on anything.”


Strokes and Stories Movie Characters

“Every new order brings something new to work with. And there’s nothing better than having to work around animated movie characters, writings, dancing and food, of course. It indeed was a roller coaster ride – just like the journey of these two people.”


Strokes and Stories Kousalya

“Kousalya gave some really nice insights about their relationship and their family. Also, different things her husband loves and we tried to put it all together for his birthday.”

 I’ve always been an art lover and a creative person, from making project works in school to organizing events in college and workplace. But I somehow ended up as a Software Engineer and kinda got drifted apart from art. And then one fine day I found myself surrounded by paints and brushes and stories and ideas – and that’s when i found a way back to my long lost love. 

I love talking to new people, listening to their stories and now that I get to paint these stories and their lives on bottles, I try to make each one the best, describing their lives in a way they can cherish forever.

And now that I’ve quit my day job, I plan on putting in more time and effort in this and tell more and more stories with my strokes – that’s how Strokes and Stories was born.

The stories and the art work make these keepsake bottles a very memorable treasure. We enjoyed the stories that went behind making each one of these individualized bottles just as much as the art work itself. If you would like to look at more of Richa’s work or if you would like to contact her for your own personal order she can be reached at:

Facebook – Strokes and Stories
Strokes and Stories – Flea Market
Richa’s Instagram
Strokes and Stories Instagram

We would like to thank Richa for taking the time to do this Q & A with us. Be sure to leave her a comment in space below!

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    1. Hi doug
      Thank you so much for writing.
      Yes, we can ship the bottle to Texas. For further queries please do visit our Facebook page strokes and stories or shoot us a mail

    2. Hi doug,
      Thank you so much for writing.
      Yes, we can ship the bottle to Texas. For further queries please do visit our Facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/Strokes-and-Stories-217541788600004/

      Or shoot us a mail to singh04richa@gmail.com


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