January 28, 2020

Bottle Lamps by Chuck

We have received pictures from Chuck who appears to be on a roll making lamps.

From mason jars to single beer bottles, everything’s fair game. Chuck writes:

“Just wanted to show a few lamps I made today.

I especially like the one of the old large Whiskey Jug.  I bought it at an antique/consignment shop for $10.00 “

The whiskey jug lamp is very cool and it will be interesting to see what you come up with for a lamp shade for it. I like the blue bottle (Silke’s favorite color) with the ‘laugh’ lamp shade as well. It’s great that you’ve opened up to the idea of using things other then just glass bottles for these projects.

Thank your for sharing your photos!

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1 thought on “Bottle Lamps by Chuck

  1. Beautiful work by Mr. Chuk, The holders are really pretty, which we do not get here in India , This holder looks as if it is made for Bottle lamp only ! anyway, they look awesome.

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