January 25, 2020

Bottle Lamps by Pastor Victor

Take a look at these four very different recycled glass bottles that have all been turned into very cool lamps.

Pastor Victor sent us the following message along with his pictures:

Here are a few of my completed bottle lamps. I want to thank you for your tips on drilling glass as I have made my own jig for holding the bottles in my drill press as I have only one arm. It works out nicely and will provide me with extra income as disability does not pay much, and I will not lay down and just do nothing. I have always been a self taught person and won’t let a little disability hold me back. Let me know what you think. I have added glitter to the inside of the bottles to hide the cord.
Thank You, Pastor Victor

captain morgan 1

crown royal lamp 1

grey goose 2

quervo 1800 1

We are very impressed with your bottles Pastor Victor! The glitter adds a nice touch to the bottles you added it to. Your determination to keep moving forward is quite admirable. If you decide to set up a shop please keep us posted. We’ll offer back links to it and help you promote it right through the Bottle-Lamp website.

Update: We received a link via email from Pastor Victor the other day.

Click here to purchase these and other man-cave liquor bottle lamps made by Pastor Victor.

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2 thoughts on “Bottle Lamps by Pastor Victor

  1. Im interested in more info on how Pastor Victor glitters the inside of bottles and what is the glitter matl.

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