December 8, 2019
Kiss Me Im Irish lighted bottle

Bottle Lamps On Etsy Part III

Thoughts of Spring are looming in the back of our minds but the weather seems to think otherwise.

If you’re feeling the winter blues then maybe you need to get some artificial enlightenment. With this collection of bottle decorations on Etsy we’re sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye and imagination.

This collection includes: bottles with lights, a multi-purpose lamp, a wind chime, and a very special ‘bottle for a cause’. We’re sure that there is something here for everyone. If you would like to learn more about any of the bottle lamps on Etsy simply click on the image.

Bottles Be Glowing – 19th Hole Wine Bottle Light

19th Hole Wine Bottle Light

songbird58 – Irish Wine Bottle Lamp

Kiss Me I'm Irish bottle


glow828 – Pendant Light

Industrial Pendant Light


Wine bottles gone crazy – Breast Cancer Awareness lamp

One Hope lighted bottle


NightCapStudio – Industrial Style Lamp With USB and Edison Outlets

Industrial Style Lamp


Lucent Jane – Rainbow Colored Hand Painted Wine Bottle Vase

Flower Power bottle


unWINEd Bottles – Wine Bottle Garden Wind Chime

Garden Wind Chime bottle


Mikes Lighted Bottles – Lighted Bottle Bistro Collection

Bistro Bottle


TaylorMadeArtistry – Beefeater Recycled Liquor Bottle Lamp

Beefeater Bottle Lamp


All of the products that you find on Etsy are hand crafted one of a kind items. If you’re shopping for yourself or someone else why not find a truly unique gift that will always be cherished?

Do you have a bottle craft you would like to add? Maybe you want to comment on the products displayed here? Please leave us your kind words below.

4 thoughts on “Bottle Lamps On Etsy Part III

  1. Great collection of crafts, thanks. I especially love the ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ bottle! I would have never thought of using white tissue paper on the outside of a bottle.

  2. I hate to be a stickler but the “Industrial Style Lamp With USB and Edison Outlets” isn’t even a bottle. There is a bottle in the picture so I will award you some points for that!

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