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Bottle Lamps On Etsy Part IV

A wide variety of different bottle lamps and lights are available on Etsy today. Here’s just a small sampling of the many bottles with lights.

It’s always fun to browse through the Etsy site. My default setting for putting the series of blog posts titles Bottle Lamps On Etsy is simply to search ‘Bottle Lamp’. The number of pages for this search is so numerous you can’t imagine how hard it is to select but just a few. If you would like to learn more about any of the bottle lamps on Etsy simply click on the image.

Recycled No3 Gin Bottle Lamp with Edison Lightbulb

pendant light


Music Activated Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Bottle Lamp with LED lights

Makers 46

Handmade Floor Lamp, Wine Bottle Lamp, Floor Light, Bottle Light, Accent Light, Standing Lamp, Handcrafted

Bottle Stand Lamp

Vintage Pottery Bottle Lamp, Health Tonic Bottle Lamp Base, Sam Jones Atlanta, Small Lamp, Table Lamp, Desk Lamp, Pottery Lamp, Rustic Lamp

Collectors Bottle Lamp

Girls Like Guns Too Bottle Light with LED Lights

Girls Like Guns Bottle Lamp

Beer Bottle Lamp Shade Holds 8

Beer Bottles Lamp Shade

Faux Stained Hennessy Cognac Recycled Cordless LED Liquor Bottle Light, Lamp

Hennessy Bottle Light

Bottle wine Etched Wine bottle lamp – patio lamp – bedroom night light

Engraved Bottle With Lights

Recycled Bottle Lamp – St. Germain Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce Bottle

All of the products that you find on Etsy are hand crafted one of a kind items. If you’re shopping for yourself or someone else why not find a truly unique gift that will always be cherished?

Do you have a bottle craft you would like to add? Maybe you want to comment on the products displayed here? Please leave us your kind words below.

2 Responses to Bottle Lamps On Etsy Part IV

  • Hi,Nick how are you?
    hope you remember me:-)
    I had one question ,how do you cut square or round bottles so neatly.
    hoping to hear from you.
    thank you

    • Mahendra,

      It’s good to hear from you. Are you still making bottle crafts?
      To answer your question; the only bottle cutter I found that can score both square and round bottles is the Creator’s Bottle Cutter. I have included a link to a review I did for it which also has pictures.

      Best regards,


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