January 20, 2020

Bottle lights by Maggie

Maggie collaborated with her father to create this unique ‘Cruzan’ lighted bottle.

Here is what Maggie had to say in an e-mail she sent:

“I commented on your Youtube video a couple weeks ago about how excited I was to find your video to show my dad how to make a bottle with lights for me. Well here is the completed bottle. I love it! “

From the YouTube comments section:

Thanks so much for this video. I have asked my dad to make one for me, but he wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it, and all I had from pinterest was a picture of a finished project. He loved this video and it is perfect because you go step by step so he knows exactly what to do. I can’t wait for him to do this for me!!!



Thank you for sharing your bottle project with us. It really turned out awesome and it was nice that your Dad was able to help you with it as well. That’s one of the cool parts of doing these projects; working with someone makes them even more memorable. Nice job!

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