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Caleb’s Lighted Wine Bottles

We have received a submission from Caleb Harper who has been busy putting bottles together for awhile now. Caleb writes:

Hey Good evening. I wanted to say you TAUGHT me to drill bottles and my Work has TOOK off. I would to show you some of my work at:

Well I started drilling with just a Battery drill and now I’ve bought a Drill Press I really Enjoy doing this. But Where did you get your Diamond Cut bit on your video it seem like it went through REAL easy and quick. I feel I break more than I should. I feel like I’m putting to much pressure on them and My bit seems to RUST very quick after I applied water a day or so later. But I bought my bit at LOWES and I seem to get around 20 bottles drilled  Again thanks for taking to time to read my email and Getting back to me Thanks again I look forward to talking to you

Caleb Harper

Caleb Harper Bottle Craft

We’ve corresponded with Caleb and gotten all his questions answered. The link to his Facebook page also show cases some of the other bottle crafts that he has put together.

We want to thank Caleb for sharing his pictures as well as his enthusiasm for bottle crafting.

Nick and Silke

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