January 20, 2020

Coca Cola Bottle Lamp by John

A vintage Coca-Cola bottle has found a second life with the addition of a bottle lamp kit and some bead filler!

We just got this newly refurbished Coca-Cola bottle lamp picture from John Burke. It’s colorful filler offers the option to go with any color room in your house.

Coca Cola Lamp
Coca Cola Lamp

From the Coca-Cola Company website:

Before The Coca-Cola Company created a line of flavored drinks, most of the bottlers created their own brands, with orange, root beer, strawberry, grape and fruit-flavored drinks. Because they were not allowed to put them in bottles with the “Coca-Cola” script, the bottlers developed their own “flavor bottles.” The writing on many of these bottles indicates they are property of the local Coca-Cola bottling company.


We would like to thank John for sharing his Coca-Cola Bottle Lamp project with us. This is the perfect gift for any Coca-Cola memorabilia collector. Leave a comment below to let him know what you think.

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