January 25, 2020

Crown Royal Bottle Lamps by Angela

We received an email from Angela with a photo of her Crown Royal Bottle Lamps.

Angela says in her email: “They turned out great. I’ve got several more bottles to do now (by requests)…. I’ll try decorating shades differently this time and using different things inside bottles. I just used gold Christmas tinsel in these.”

Two Crown Royal Bottle Lamps
Bottle Lamps by Angela

Your Crown Royal Bottle Lamps did turn out great! We love the gold tinsel inside the bottles.

Isn’t it fun when your friends and family ask you to make bottle lamps for them? Picking out the perfect bottle and decoration it with their taste in mind is always a very rewarding project for us.

We hope you will send us more pictures in the future.

Happy New Year and a fantastic 2013 to you and your family!

Nick and Silke

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2 thoughts on “Crown Royal Bottle Lamps by Angela

  1. I have been collecting Royal crown bottles that I want to use to make a string of patio lights. I want to cut the bottoms off & am having a hard time finding the right tool to use because of the thickness & shape of the bottle. I checked with some local glass cutters but the best price I got was $20 per bottle. That would make the lights the most expensive string of lights ever made. Any suggestions as to which bottle cutter would be a good match to the job.
    I saw this done with Gentleman Jack bottles & it was beautiful. I accidentally became the inheritor of RC bottles & thought the cut crystal look would make a great presentation.

    1. Susan,
      I can only think of one bottle cutter that would be up to the task. The Creator’s Bottle Cutter. They have made a really good video that shows how they cut a square bottle. Your RC bottles should work the same way. You will be rotating them against the scoring wheel and turning it when you get to the corners.
      Best of luck with your project. Please send us a picture when you finish. We would love to show case it on our DIY Show Off page.

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