January 28, 2020

Frosted Bottle with Lights by Donna

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In our fifth newsletter we include the link to our eBook again in case it has been misplaced or forgotten about and ask our readers to send us pictures to share. Donna emailed us back after receiving this message and the following conversation ensued:

“After attempting to drill 5 bottles, the first two broke away at the bottom, one cracked at the end, and the other two are better. However, I felt the bits were too worn down to continue and it was taking me well over an hour to do one bottle. I am lucky that I work at a middle school and was able to use the large drill units they have. I bought a 1/2″ dimond drill bit and was able to drill one in under a minute, with the assitance of the technology teacher. I will be finishing drilling the rest of the bottles next week. I was wondering for the glass sand filler, do you use 1 bag per bottle? Thanks for the ebook!!! I’m really glad I’m doing this project! Donna”

Here is Nick’s reply to her question in case you were wondering the same. I had a bottle break on me because I went to close to the base. It was an attempt to keep the label intact. Bottom line – I know how you feel. The filler I used took two bags. I had some left over but for the next one I only had to purchase a single. So to answer your question. Two bags.

Take a look at the frosted bottle with stenciled writing Donna sent along with her final reply below.

Frosted glass bottle with lights

So I just wanted to show you my bottle. I actually have 14 that I am finishing up, but this shows the finished product. I actually got the frosted glass idea from a link on your page. I found some reusable stencils and sprayed the glass frosting over it. I’m using these as shower favors. Thanks for all your support. I’m having fun doing projects, though some are more time consuming than others. I just wanted to add that I used a rubber grommet at the drilled hole. I had to feed it through the lights before I fed the lights through the bottle. It wasn’t as bad as thought. Thanks again!!

Donna, thank you so much for sending in your photo and sharing your ideas.
Using lighted bottles as shower favors is wonderful, I’m sure your guest will love them.

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