January 25, 2020
Butterfly Incense Bottle Ho

Glass Bottle Incense Burner By Patty

Our good friend Patty has sent us her latest project involving an incense holder.

Hey, Nick & Silke!

Although my latest project isn’t a lamp, I used a bottle, so that counts, right?

It is an incense holder, which will hopefully work as a mosquito repellant. I used an etching cream for the butterfly, which I had trouble photographing well. There are two vent holes drilled into the back side. My hubby used some safety wire to attach the chains for me. Now that I’ve made one, I can foresee many options for embellishing others. Because the incense smoke will cause the need for occasional washing, the embellishments will need to withstand soap and water.

It was a gift, so I’m anxious to hear whether or not it works.
As always, thank you for your ongoing inspiration and instruction.

Incense Bottle Holder

This is a really cool idea! In the picture below you can see the detail in the etched butterfly. Cleaning the bottle should be a snap. With hot water and dish soap you should be able to hold your hands over the holes and swish it around inside until the bottle is clean.

Butterfly Incense Bottle

We would like to thank Patty for sharing with us her latest bottle crafting project. Our contributors are always thinking of new and inventive ways to refurbish used glass bottle containers.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Patty has been a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website and she also helps us manage the Facebook Bottle Crafts DIY page. Below you can follow the link to see some of her other bottle craft projects.

Patty’s Bottle Projects

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4 thoughts on “Glass Bottle Incense Burner By Patty

    1. Yes, over time it will get dirty. (It’s really best to use a dark colored bottle.) Warm soapy water should be enough to remove the residue, but you could add some salt to the water to give it a little extra friction.
      It really does help keep the mosquitoes away. You can even sit it on the ground, next to the legs of the people who really attract them.

      1. Patty, Thanks for replying. It’s funny that you mentioned ‘You can even sit it on the ground, next to the legs of the people who really attract them.’ I really thought that their was something in my friends blood that he seemed to attract mosquitoes.

  1. Very cool! I am reaching out to sites I like and want to see if you would provide feedback on my etching supplies if I sent them to you free. Would you be interested? Please let me know via email if possible. These will be shipped directly to you at no cost. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Eric

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