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Hummingbird Bottle Light by Jackie

We received another awesome DIY Show Off picture. This one of a kind Hummingbird Bottle Light was sent in by Jackie.

Here is what Jackie told us in her email:

“hi, here is my humming bird bottle. i used the slid decals where you put them under warm water first. i cut my own bottles and don’t have any fancy tools. i come up with using a miter box with a towel on it to hold it in place, the towel helps it from moving around and catches any glass chips that may get away. we made a lot of them for bible school, i use thin mulberry paper and let the kids pick out what they wanted, then printed it off and put their names on them. they were a hit. shame on me for not taking pictures of them, but we did john deere tractor, angry bird, hello kitty and sponge bob to name just a few. so here is my humming bird.”

Bottle Light with Hummingbird and flowers

Hummingbird Bottle Light

Thank you Jackie for sending us a picture of your Hummingbird bottle light.

We are always amazed by the unique decorating ideas our readers come up with. Your email proves what a fun project bottle light making can be, for any age. It’s the perfect art project for the whole family or like in your case for bible school :).

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?

Send an email to with your picture(s), your name and a description or any tips you would like to share with us and our readers.
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2 Responses to Hummingbird Bottle Light by Jackie

  • That is really beatiful i make lighted wine bottles and also collect little porcelain bird ornaments. Especially hummingbirds , that bottle you have it beautiful. 816-668-9782

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you for leaving a comment for Jackie. I certainly agree with you, her lighted bottle is beautiful.

      We would like to see your lighted bottles. Do you attach the little porcelain ornaments to the bottles? Send us a picture or two and any tips or suggestions you would like to share with our readers to
      We will gladly create a DIY Show Off page for your bottle crafts.

      Hope to hear from you soon,


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