January 28, 2020

LED Bottle Lamp by Ryan

A while ago Ryan inspired us to make a video tutorial on How to Splice Wire and Attach a Bottle Lamp Kit. Needless to say, we were very excited to get this message from him:

“Hey Nick and Silke! I’m still working on the bottle lamp project! I wired it up but I have to get some small stones to fit inside the bottle. I also need to purchase a switch cord so I can wire the LED lights from the back. I thought I was being smart by wiring the led’s into the lamp switch only to find out that the LED’s stayed on all the time once plugged in! Oops! I have an in progress picture, but the lamp shade I stole from a lamp I had around the house, so as I said, this isn’t the finished product. Again thanks for the help! :)”

Wine bottle lamp with LED lights by Ryan
Skinny Girl Bottle Lamp by Ryan

Thank you Ryan for sending us a picture of your LED Bottle Lamp.

Ryan, the picture of your Skinny Girl Bottle Lamp is absolutely gorgeous. Are you a professional photographer? We might need to take some lessons on how to shoot great bottle lamp pictures from you. :)

We’re delighted our instructions helped you out. Your bottle lamp looks great, even with the borrowed lamp shade.

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