January 28, 2020

Lighted Champagne Bottle by Julie

Thank you Julie for sharing your bottle light with us. Julie said via email:” Nick & Silke, Here are a couple pictures of my lamp that I gave to my son.  The bottle was from their 1998 wedding.  I drilled a hole through the cork to let the wine out and then patched it and used a little gold paint to cover the hole.  I covered the label with a couple layers of poly.  I think it turned out great and the cool lights make it useable. Thanks for your help. Julie”

We think this lighted Champagne bottle turned out awesome! This is such a neat idea and we truly regret not having saved a bottle from our own wedding.

Champagne Bottle with lights
Lighted Champagne Bottle by Julie
Personalized Label
Lighted champagne bottle
Decorative Champagne Bottle

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1 thought on “Lighted Champagne Bottle by Julie

  1. This is the perfect idea for my friends wedding that we celebrated recently. They put together these special bottles of bubbly with all the wedding info on it. I’m going to take the one that I have and make them a really cool Christmas present. Thanks for the idea!

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