January 25, 2020

Lighted Wine Bottle by Ruth

Ruth sent us this picture of a lighted Ménage à Trois wine bottle.

She wrote in her email to us:

Well…. Finally got up enough courage to make my first wine bottle light! I’m glad I used your advise, not to use a favorite bottle for the first time! I used too much pressure, and the bottle cracked! The most important thing to remember when drilling a hole in glass is to use slow, continuous pressure. Do not rush! I let the drill bit cool off several times during the drilling process. The first hole with the smallest bit takes the longest.

I made this wine bottle light for my daughter who is a senior in college! She loved it. I can’t wait to make more! Guess what my family and friends are getting for Christmas…?

lighted wine bottle

Your lighted Ménage à Trois wine bottle with crystal filler looks awesome!

Thanks for sharing your photo Ruth. We are glad you used a practice bottle on your first go around.

It’s so much fun making hand crafted gifts for friends and family, isn’t it? Sure you could go to the store and pick up something nice, but its a whole different kind of satisfaction that comes with having hand crafted a project and tailoring it specifically for the intended recipient.

Have fun and keep sending us your finished bottle lamp pictures :)

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