January 25, 2020

Lighted Wine Bottles with Mulberry Paper

Nick and I are settling in after our big move to South Carolina and are in the process of catching up with all the emails we received in the past couple of weeks. Thank you to all of our readers for being so patient with us.

In the next several days we will post all of the pictures we received in the order they were received in. We will start with Jackie and her beautifully decorated recycled wine bottles.

Jackie told us the following in her email:
“hi as in my other bottles and the flower vase i use thin mulberry paper, i use elmers glue with a small amount of water in it . i put glue on the bottle and then put the paper on it, then go over with more glue until it all got glue on it. just play around with the paper till i get it on. after it has dried spray clear coat over it. on these bottles i used water slide decals. let them set about 24 hours, then spray clear coat over the decals. on the horse paper i taped a sheet of the mulberry paper to other paper and put horse shoes saddles and horses on it, on the owls i put branches.”

lighted bottle vase

lighted wine bottles

Thank you Jackie for sending in more pictures and detailed descriptions on how to make these beauties.
Take a look at Jackie’s Hummingbird Bottle here.

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?

Send an email to contact@jagerfoods.com with your picture(s), your name and a description or any tips you would like to share with us and our readers.
If you have a blog you can also include the web address, we will link back to you.

2 thoughts on “Lighted Wine Bottles with Mulberry Paper

  1. I love the paper you are using. I am trying to find mulberry paper in patterns like the one above with the yellow flowers. Unfortunately everything I find is plain colored. Could you advise me on were I might be able to find your paper?

    thank you

  2. Hi Louise, I found colored mulberry paper on Amazon, here is the link: http://amzn.to/2B9nUjj
    I also found a seller (search for ‘Black Ink Paper’) that offers unbleached paper that might work for your project as well. You can then add any type of decal over the paper like flowers, animals, lettering, etc.

    Good luck and please share your finished project with us and our readers.

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