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Liquid Filled Bottle Lamps by Steve

WOW! Take a look at these liquid filled liquor Bottle Lamps by Steve. What an impressive line up. Here is what Steve sent us:

Here are a few of my creations using recycled liquor bottles.   I drill out the bottoms, insert tubing, seal off the bottom and add colored water to match the true liquor.  Seal the inside top add the cap,  insert a pipe stem to my own  base creations, and add socket and wiring, Voila!   A true bar lamp anyone would love to own!  And so much fun to make!   Sold at   CollinsUniqueLamps thru Steve

Liquid filled liquor bottle lamps by Steve

Bottle lamps filled with Liquid

Liquid filled Jack Daniels bottle lamps by Steve

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamps filled with liquid

Thank you Steve for sending in your bottle lamp pictures and for explaining the process of how to make them.

What a clever idea, we love it!

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