January 18, 2020
Mead Bottle Lamp Jonathan

Mead Bottle From Poland

Rare bottles can make bottle crafting more enticing because of their unique shape and style.

Our good friend Jonathan B. has sent us his latest creative projects on our FaceBook page.  He writes;

Two lamps that I made using mead (honey wine) bottles imported from Poland.

Jonathan Mead Bottle Lamp

The bottles base adds stability to the lamp.

Mead Bottle Lamp Jonathan

Mead is one of the traditional Polish alcohols. It is produced by fermentation of lime honey. Meads are sometimes made with various juices to improve the taste, as well as with herbs and spices. Mead made from pure lime honey was peculiarly valued. This drink is manufactured and drunk in Poland since the Middle Ages – in the early history of the state ruled by Piast dynasty, wine was not cultivated. Hence, Poles needed some more easily available alcoholic beverages. In this way a tradition of brewing beer and production of the mead rose.

Meads were pleased with a great renown, but were drunk rarely, most oftentimes during important celebrations like the wedding. It was a luxury and expensive alcohol. With time mead lost on meaning, because of cheaper and easy to produce vodka. It kept the popularity longer in Podhale region and in Lithuania. However, in the scale of the entire country at the end of 18th century, mead was already a real rarity. In today’s Poland mead came back to respect due to it, but its popularity stays (and probably will) significantly smaller than popularity of the beer and vodka.

Source: Tasting Poland

We would like to thank Jonathan for sharing his Mead bottle lamps with us.

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