January 20, 2020

Mosaic Patron Bottle Lamp

Woohoo! We received another DIY Show Off from Deborah this morning to share with you guys.

Take a look at this Mosaic Patron Bottle with matching lampshade. Didn’t it turn out great? We just love seeing, and of course sharing, our readers pictures. :)

Mosaic Bottle Lamp
Mosaic Bottle Lamp

This is an awesome looking Lamp.

Everything works together perfectly, from the mosaic glass work on the base to the matching, feathery lampshade. Well done Deborah!

Pink Mosaic Lamp

Pink Mosaic Lamp

Pink Mosaic Lamp

Pink Mosaic Lamp

If you love this type of glass art work, take a look at these pictures of Deborah’s in-progress Mosaic bottle lamp here.

What do think of this Mosaic Bottle Lamp?

Please leave your comments below.

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